Ray Hurt

Hope he is not hurt that badly. Always sucks to see a QB or any player go down in a pre-season game…

I agree, that was scary.

only a hyperextended knee - nothing too serious.

…never like to see that…did Shivers have anything to do with it?.. :mrgreen:

Doubt it, although they called it a clean hit. Personally, I thought the guy came in late on the play. Ray had already released the ball when he was hit. At least the guy (name escapes me at the moment) came over to Ray as he was walking off and gave him a pat.

Radio said he walked off…Good sign! Just make sure Ray’s ready for the BC matchup. I want to see over 100 points scored between the two teams. Bought my tickets already!

On the radio today they mentioned he is going for an MRI to be sure. Yes, I want to see Ray in the Eskie linup. Hate injuries!