Ray Holley is the Real Deal Boyzzzz!

Ray Holley YouTube Video Ray Holley - LA Tech 2012/13 - YouTube

Can Block , Catch and run up the Gut :rockin:


What about da girlzzzz?

sorry Girlzzzzz 8) just think our scouts get a A+ on this player

it's easy to be an armchair scout here, but then again what's a forum for?

  1. I see a lot of off tackle runs, and mis-directions where Holley is getting serious help from his O-line (as it should be). But "up the gut" not so much.

That being said his video show's he's got good vision, and can make cuts causing defenders to miss.

Whether or not that translates to the pro's is another story. I doubt CFL'ers are as likely to over commit on their pursuit as college players.

  1. What I don't see is broken tackles, and any defender who wraps him up seems to stop him cold. He lacks forward momentum after making contact, and I would not assess Holley as a power runner. To boot, spin moves off a tackler are not going to be as successful at the pro level, and he seems to lack either leg strength or grit to carry a defender for extra yards.

  2. Where in this video does Holley execute pass protection?

  3. as a pass catcher has solid hands, and seems to get his shoulders square with the ball. good body control.

  4. Runs well in space, a bonus on a CFL field.

  5. given the fact that every running back from here to Timbuktu is injured, I'm glad we have him.

Will find out soon enough...#1 on the depth chart. :thup: :thup:

well throwing the ball instead of running it sums it up we need the 2 G,s Grigs and Gable

Give the guy a chance, it was his first game and he didn't have a lot of touches.

There was also very little O-line support, both for running and passing.

We have a newbie to our line group (Bomben) and another back from being on IR for almost an entire season (Dyakowski). Some further work on line co-ordination and communication may be needed for a bit longer I suspect.

The O-line WILL get better, especially with Figs back in at LT, but it will take time. I just hope it won't take TOO MUCH time...

Hopefully Grigsby is available for next game. Nothing against Holley but the fact of the matter is that the only reason he got the start in the first place was because of everybody else ahead of him being injured and not available. I think we should definitely keep him around on the active though as a backup until Gable is good to go, after that he'll most likely be kept around as insurance on either the 1 gm or the PR.


Drew Edwards

#Ticats WR Luke Tasker, RBs @CJ_Gable & @Nic_Grigsby5 not in Calgary & won't play Thursday vs. #Bombers. #CFL

OUCH !!!! Hopefully for game #3 then :cry: So far this season can be titled " The Injured and Missing in Action " not just for us but pretty much all the teams and it's only the end of week # 1. I can't recall a year when so many quality players have all gone down so early in the season. It must be something in the water or something !!! Unbelievable !!!

It makes sense for them to stay home on a short week, especially since they have a by-week next weekend. With the film from Saturday’s game, they can see that WPG is NOT the push-over they were last year, and they have to be on their toes.

Actually having the bye in week #3 just might be what the doctor ordered for some of our walking wounded to get healthy.

Holley :thup: he deserves a thread Rehash :" Ray Holley finished with 84 yards on nine carries, including a 40-yard dash in the fourth that left the crowd chanting his name."

I thrashed Holley on here and am still pulling crow from my pie hole. He is good but needs to do it consistently, that being said the Line needs to give him a chance. :thup:

I agree, Holley is good but needs to be consistent 250 yards in total in the games he's played doesn't cut it as a rusher.

If he had 500 or 700 yards at this point rushing and maybe 200 yards receiving I would say he's a complete player but he's young and still has a ways to go and hopefully will improve every game.

The Cats rushing has been lousy the past two years primarily because of injury with Gable out, now Madu, Grigsby, Woodson and so on but I thought the addition from camp of Holley would pick up more from where these guys left off, maybe Woodson tonight in Toronto as I hear he is playing? I haven't seen the depth chart yet but apparently Woodson will play due to coming off injury and the ratio.


If Holley truly "doesn't cut it", then he wouldn't even have ever been on the active roster.

When are people going to understand that this simply isn't a running team? Other than a few good running games by Gable, they never have been under Austin.

How many times to people need to see them barley run at all before they understand that they really don't?

To expect the Ticats to run is to set yourself up to be disappointed. I'm watching the same games everyone else is... so why do so few seem to understand or accept this?

If you guys really want to see the Ticats running well, then watch games from 2007-2008. Bad team, but running was the one thing they did well all those two seasons. Especially 2007. They had Anthony freaking Davis as a 3rd stringer. Would have been 1st on any other team.