Ray / Elimimian MOP Finalists

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ray-elimimian-finalists-for-cfls-mop-award/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ra ... mop-award/[/url]

Let the debate begin, Ray plays for a sub .500 team and gets the East vote.
Cornish LEADS THE LEAGUE in rushing in half a season and doesn't get the west vote.

Last year Ray missed half the season and was given the Eastern nod.

It's a Toronto centric league. The rest of the country has had the same problems with the Leafs for years as we have with the Argos.

No Ticat player(s) chosen. :?

I guess as a fan of the team I believe all of our finalists were winners. Anyway the "BIG" prize comes in the shape of a cup and is only drunk from by the elite of the league.

2014 - the year of the Tiger. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

We got one.....Ted Laurent-top Canadian up against Cornish-Calg.....which means he has no shot of winning it.

Tell me about it,can someone please explain to me how a team who had only 5 players chosen as All-Stars and also misses the playoffs gets three nominations for the leagues year end awards ? What a Joke !!!! :roll: :thdn:

Another link ... http://www.cfl.ca/article/2014-awards-finalists

Makes absolutely no sense that Jeff Perrett is the East's representative as Top Olineman yet didn't even make the CFL Eastern All-Star Team.

Yes, that makes the selection process seem somewhat of a joke. I'd like to hear an explanation on this from the selectors.

Not the first time (or the last time) that I have missed important info. Cornish is a shoe-in and should also be MOP as well, except they chose a defensive player out west. Not saying he isn’t deserving of the nomination, but how often do defensive players win MOP?

Hasn’t been one. There’s been 2-way players like Henley & Patterson. Maybe 1 if you include Casey Printers as he was usually much better for the opposing Defense!!! HEY NOW!!!

Hopefully Elimimian wins. Perhaps it might be the start of new trend? (We here in the Hammer sure do appreciate D). :rockin:

I think Solly has a very good chance of winning it this year but I really don't think it will result in a trend.

Elimimian broke the all-time tackles record in The Year of Defence when scoring & offensive output was down considerably.

It wouldn't be good for the league overall if we see a trend of defensive players winning MOP. Sure, many of us enjoy & appreciate good & great defenses ... but offense sells tickets & attracts fans & interest. Rightly or wrongly ... just the way it is.

Several media types have been going on about Eliminian being the only defensive player to be a finalist for the league's MOP award. Locally, Steve Milton has come up with a partial correction, on that, pointing out that Garney Henley was a finalist in 1965 when he played mostly defence, but also played some offence. (He later won the award in 1972 when he played a lot more on offence in addition to his regular role as a DB.)

I see a quote today from Kirk Penton of the Sun Media chain .... "Elimimian, who will be up against Toronto Argos' quarterback Ricky Ray, is in a league of his own as the first exclusively defensive divisional MOP." That's not true. Rough Rider linebacker Angelo Snipes was the Eastern Conference MOP 22 seasons ago and was the runner-up to Doug Flutie, who won the first of the 5 league MOP awards he received over 6 seasons. A team nominee (SSK), that year, for the third straight season, was Kent Austin.

I do think Elimimian deserves to be "in a league of his own" as the first exclusively defensive league MOP and I expect he will be in a couple of weeks.

Slight correction to 1972: Henley was strictly a flanker that year having been permanently converted by Jerry Williams. Al Brenner was the middle safety for the entire year.


That's exactly right, mike.

Jerry Williams said when he came to Hamilton that he recalled from his time coaching in Calgary that when the Ticats put in Henley on offence in key situations he was a real game breaker, so he figured it would be a good idea to make the move permanent. Pretty good call.

And Al Brenner made 15 interceptions in a 14 game season in 1972. It's a record that still stands 42 years later, and on a per game basis it's probably one that will stand a very long time. I can recall opposing QBs dropping back on second and whatever, and fans calling out, "Here it comes, the Brenner pass!". As often as not it seemed, it did.

It's also worth noting that even though the official divisional outstanding player nominees in 2008 were Burris in the West and Calvillo in the East, the true CFL outstanding player in 2008 was Cameron Wake.

Agreed. I think the biggest error it reveals is that Perrett wasn't on the all-star team, while van Zeyl was.

But I think most of the other choices are reasonable, including Ray and Elimimian.

Mike, I'll bow to your memory, over mine, on this, even though it's hard to believe that such a defensive standout was played only on the other side.

Found these Henley stats, including his 36 receptions for 881 yds in his first full season of playing offence only. While those numbers seem low, for a league MOP season, it was only 14 games back then.