Ray Brown on PR??

I guess the Cats are stacked in Talent in the Defensive Backfield because they placed Ray Brown on the Practice Roster, I mean the guy had three interceptions and one for 115 yard TD against Winnipeg, maybe he should be starting?

The one area that really made me mad last season was our DB's and how many times they could have had an interception and dropped the ball? I think Ray Brown could be teaching some these guys how to catch a football under pressure?

I was surprised to see him name on the practice roster given the performance you stated. However, I am glad that he still with the team, and should any injuries occur or starters begin to falter, it's good to know that we have such a talent waiting to step in. And his presence may serve to keep those ahead of him motivated.

I have a feeling that we may see him in the lineup soon.

Said himself he had the game of his life. Maybe it was just that....the game of his life.

Too many fans get hung up on players who have had a "great" game or a "terrible" game, for that matter. In the end it's just one game. I'll trust this coaching staff. who obviously review the whole body of work, from what they observe in training camp, pre-season games and during film study, to make a proper evaluation on each player as they see fit. I'm sure there have been some very hard decisions, so far, from Kent Austin and his staff.

I watched a press conference with Jim Popp from Friday and here's how he explained it:

As fans, we see that a guy had a strong preseason game. Then he gets cut and we wonder what's going on. But quite frequently, the coaches will choose to keep the guy who played less well but who has the potential down the line to become an even better player than the guy who impressed in preseason but got released.

So it's quite possible that Austin is doing the same thing by sending Brown to the PR. There might be a guy on the active roster who isn't doing as well now but who the coaches feel can be an absolute baller in a few months or a year.

One game, against a bunch of sand lotters, does not make a career