Ray back with Esks!

A Q.B. is only as good as his team. :smiley:

Plus there is the old .....CFL player goes to the NFL and then comes back to the CFL , curse. 8)

I agree RedandWhite, this is great news for the CFL. The NFL totally dropped the ball on this one. And I'm with you gadescup, Joseph and Banks are going to make a killer combo!!!

I'd don't like going near those "who made who look better" arguments, maybe that's why I avoided it. Did the receivers make Maas look good. Did the receivers make Ray look good. Did Higgins make all the Eskimos look good. Did the players make Higgins look bad. It's an arguement that's so up in the air. The receivers didn't change much since Ray. So was Ray only as good as his receivers. I didn't want you to get the impression I was saying you were wrong, I just think it is hard proving that whole "who made who better" angle.

Based on the reasons you stated that could potentially make every QB in the league a fraud at one time or another. They all have ups and downs, good games and bad. What do you consider decent numbers as compared to other QB stats at the end of last season? I don't think having a bad game or two constitutes a fraud.

If that's the case will you consider Printers or Dickenson or Calvillo or McManus or Burris or Allen or Ray a fraud the first time they have a bad game this season?

As for the recieving core, I watched the play off game between the Riders and Esks last year and saw a lot of those guys dropping footballs (with the exception of Hervey who was our best reciever that day)

The other thing that everybody overlooks is how much Maas plays while he is injured. A case could be made that he is injury prone and I have heard that even now he is not 100% although the he and the team continue to insist that he will be ready to go this season.

Sorry man, but I think we will have to agree to disagree on this subject unless you have more to prove that Maas is a fraud.


.......I realize that things are a little on the cost-effective side of things in Ottawa witht he 'Gades situation and all but you'd think you guys could spring for some punctuation marks, I mean, a few periods or the odd comma can't be THAT expensive.........here......use some of mine.....,,,,,,,!!!!!!!????????''''.........

Hey, I had three exclamation marks in my last post!!!!!!

If Maas won't back up Ricky Ray, why would he back up Kevin Glenn? Didn't the Bombers say he was the best thing since sliced bread when they dumped Khari Jones? (Just like they said about Khari when they dumped Kerwin Bell.)
More likely that he'll back up a guy who's about to retire -- like McManus, who is a similar style QB -- for a year while he heals from his shoulder surgery.

I just hope EDM didn't pay him too much. He's a great player, great to have him back in the league, but the CFL just can't afford to start overpaying players on a regular basis, as was the case this offseason.

....sorry '79, edmonton broke the bank open for RR...........

Gotta love the big money Eskimos! This makes up for our cheap hockey team. GO ESKS GO! Maybe if everyone in the East got off their butts and supported their teams they could sign some players too. (I am speaking to people in Ontario by the way).

Hamilton set an all time attendee record last year..........The ARGOS are nearing 10, 000 seasons tickets sold .Montreal sells out every game .So except for OTTAWA , things are improving in the EAST.

Usually the WEST blames the EAST for over spending. :smiley: :lol:

I guess they can't do that any more?

B.C. is improving , as well........................I agree with you.....buy tickets and get better players for your own team, like EDMONTON fans ........do. 8)

Ray got a 4 year deal. I don't think he'll bolt gadescup.

I think there was a' high-priced behind the scenes' bidding war for Rays' services and TO. or HAM. blinked......especially when they seen all that cash in a three year deal and what the Esks. were willing to pay. NOT GOOD for the league with respect to the 'phantom' salary cap....but good for the CFL. in that a talented player has returned......what a contradiction and a problem the CFL. has to iron out. :roll:

Gotta love the big money Eskimos! This makes up for our cheap hockey team. GO ESKS GO! Maybe if everyone in the East got off their butts and supported their teams they could sign some players too. (I am speaking to people in Ontario by the way).

An average of nearly 29,000 in a 29,000 seat stadium...how many more people do you think we're going to get in Ivor Wynne? What'll we do, perch them on the press box like sparrows?

heeyaa, heeyaa....wOOt wOOt wOOt

Its great that RR is back where he should playing. I don't he will be rusty like Burris was when he came back, because Ray will have an entire Training camp and two exhibition games to get everything going again.

However I am a STamps fan, so I might be whining about Edmonton "overspending" later in the season when sour grapes kick in

lancaster juniour might be able to hide any ability ray has if we are lucky but you gotta like their chances alot better now.

Do ya have to keep mentioning Lancaster Jr? I keep tryin to forget about that and focus on the positive moves the Esks are making.

Hey Supertoe...don't worry, Your Esks will win INSPITE of Lancaster Junior. Maybe the team will give him a Madden game to play with while the Offense spits out the points.

Wow...The West just got wilder! I can see BC - Edmonton games being 56-54 scores! Can hardly wait for the first matchup!

Now Edmonton has a (Better) one-two QB punch. Depth and injuries will determine the CFL West. And between BC's and Edmonton's QB's and receiving cores, there is plenty of depth should either one suffer an injury to a "star" player.

Tom (Wright) Can't we start the season tomorrow?