Ray back with Esks!

TSN has learned that the Eskimos have scheduled a press conference this afternoon to announce the signing of Ricky Ray.
That changes things in the CFL West and is now going to start all kinds of QB rumors and possible trades!

Well, I probably should have read this before opening my stupid mouth in the Hamilton Tiger Cats forum. This post would seem to contradict everything I just said. I'm a big idiot. I've deleted that old post to say face.

On the other hand. Good job Ray. It was the smart move.

I heard that and just waiting for press conference this am. Was posted by several in other forums that Ray was seen arriving in Edm late last night. I am happy for the green and gold, but feel a little bad for Jason Maas. He is a quality QB who deserves to start and play. He has gone on record supposedly that he will stay, but who knows what will happen IF AND WHEN the Esks sign Ricky Ray. I'm sure Maas would be just as welcome in Hamilton or Toronto or Ottawa.

Would probably be welcome in Winnepeg or Saskatchewan as well, but can't see Esks keeping him here in the west.


Mouhahahahaaaa… This sure makes the Eskies more threatening - which shouldn’t please anyone except Edmonton fans - but at least, it will send the fraud named Jason Maas back where he belongs: in a back-up role.

Maas is not a fraud my friend any more than Henry Burris or the "one year wonder" Casey Printers is a fraud. You can vent your spleen all you wish in here, but in the it is still just your opinion.


.........as much as it pains me to say.......this is really good news for the CFL as a whole, any high quality player added to the league is good for the league.........good move Esks, congrats.......needless to say I hope John Grace puts RR on his hoity-toity NFL ass the first time we meet.....

I wouldn't say Casey Printers is a one year wonder yet...He hasn't even played his second season yet. As for Ray back with the Eskies, good for him, probably the smartest move he could've made. The only thing is don't expect a lot out of him for the first few games, he'll be rusty just like Burris was when he came back to Saskatchewan.

Obviously you have heard the cheering from down the highway this morning....and I'm sure John Grace is looking forward to the opportunity.

WHAT NOW KHARI........trade bait or will it be Maas packing up and looking at new digs.........I can;t see Edm. keeping all of these QBS. (salary cap has to have been exceded Huey) SOMETHING 'S GOTTA CHANGE. I think Maas would bring more in a trade.....but then again he is supposedly buddy buddy with Ray and wouldn't mind playing second fiddle for awhile......gonna be interesting. Definitely has made the Esks. stronger but is EVERYBODY happy at the Igloo? :wink:

......yeah, keep it down up there toe, I'm trying ot get some work done down here..... :x

Sorry man, but hey I had to take the day off when you guys signed Burris. It was impossible to concentrate up here.


Nice to see the non exisiting salary cap working well yet again.

Campbell better move Maas soon or it won’t be a happy situation in Edmonchuck.

Sure as Shite Maas won’t stand to get screwed out of a job again.

Maas is saying all the right things right now in the media, guess we will have to wait and see

what a bunch of morons the eskies are signing ray will be the worst thing will ever do because he will just fly south as soon as he gets another opertunity thats all the chip man is an oppertunist mass is the real deal and i hope he sticks it to them every time he plays the eskies ,u watch maas wil become a bomber and then its bombs away in the west jones will become a ticat and then thell only have ray and when he bolts thell have nobody and it will look good on them for being greedy shame on those eskies they should have been happy with what they already had go renagades watch out this is kerrys year and everyone watch out for brad banks hes the next warren moon

If Joseph stays healthy he could put up numbers to rival the QB’s in the league as long as his supporting cast plays over their heads all season. That’s a couple of big if’s there, although I sure hope Joseph stays healthy as I hate to see guys affected by injury. Love to side with you, but you need to provide something more than “esks greed will come back to haunt them” to convince me.


Supertoe, I'll tell you why Maas is a fraud: He is inconsistent. He can throw for 450 yards in one game and not be able to get to 200 the next.

And, honestly, if you can't keep your numbers when you have Tucker, Vaughn, Hervey, Mitchell and Pringle on the receiving end of your throws (which was what Maas had on hand last season), then YOU are the obvious problem.

So I think Maas has looked good so far because of your golden receiving core.

hey we all know the eskies havean awsome recieving core but thats only because of there offensive line which will be very tacky this yr because of all the young up and comming in ur face defences attacking them

[quote="Third_And_Ten"][color=darkred]Supertoe, I'll tell you why Maas is a fraud: He is inconsistent. He can throw for 450 yards in one game and not be able to get to 200 the next.

Hey Third and Ten. I respect alot of what you have to say so don't take this the wrong way, but that statement could descibe every QB in the league at some point. I understand what you want to say, I just don't think I can agree with that statement.

Now...............some fans can't blame everything that is bad financially on the EASTERN TEAMS.................. :lol: :wink:

Yeast#5, you can't break up my comment in two. My argument stand on the whole analysis. Sure, a lot of QBs can be inconsistent. But they don't all have an all-star receiving corp like the Esks had. THAT was my point. My point was the Edmonton receivers made Jason Maas, and not the other way around.