Ray(and other eskimos) is/are on pace for...

I know it's still early in the season, but...

Ricky Ray is currently on pace for 6579 yards passing season, 27 TDs, 18 INTs, 495 completions of 657 passing attempts, 75% completion. Rushing-wise, Ricky Ray is on pace for 401 yards, and 9 rushing TDs.

Troy Davis is on pace for 833 yards rushing, and 828 yards receiving.

Jason Tucker is on pace for 1949 yards receiving and 14 TDs.

Mookie Mitchell is on pace for 1278 yards receiving and 5 TDs.

Ed Hervey is on pace for 990 yards receiving and 4 TDs.

Richard Alston is on pace for 752 yards receiving.

Mathieau Bertrand is on pace for 315 yards receiving and 4 TDs.

Tony Tompkins is on pace for 576 punt return yards, 1656 kickoff return yards, and 149 missed field goal return yards.

6579, would tht be some kinda record?

Almost… Flutie had 6619 yards in 1991.

[url=http://www.rauzulusstreet.com/football/cflrecords/cflindrecords3.htm]http://www.rauzulusstreet.com/football/ ... cords3.htm[/url]

This site has records, but it seems like there nothing past the year 2000, so it hasn’t been updated in a while. Anyone now where i can find current/ updated CFL records?

wow A+ for the reasearch