Raushaun Woods

Is still on the roster, I am wondering why he wasn't released with the Cody posse. Curry played much better than he did last season and still got released.

Maybe they think they can get something out of him since he is a former 1st round pick in the NFL.

Toronto Could not make him work
So what makes us Any Different
In Fact I like Toronto WR coach better the ours.
Bill Diedrick has More CFL Experience then has Goldman

say what? in english please, not engrish

If he makes it till training camp probably means they what to take an other hard look at this guy. He arrived a little late on the seen last year.

What exactly didn't you understand?? Toronto couldn't get anything out of him and Onknight thinks that Toronto's receiver's coach is better than ours. Did you have anything related to the thread to add??

I was disappointed that Curry was released as I think he played better than Woods and a lot of others. He also had more success on PR/KR than Armstead did. I don't know what they've seen in Woods, but hopefully they're right.

Thanks BG.. I think Curry should got at least a Camp invite..

Thanks BG.. I think Curry should got at least a Camp invite..[/quote A lot of very good info from Onknight every day. :thup:

On Jan 8th you wrote:
“Goldman was Great Teacher last year.
He just had bad Students.”

Why the change of heart? :roll:

He is good Teacher ..
But I Still Feel Toronto has Better Receivers coach at this time.
This only cause Goldman has just the one year in the CFL Pro Game.
I am shure he'll get better

Thanks Onknight

That was my point originally and I thought we could do better, but that's history now! :lol: