Ratio talk

I think on offence 4 olinemen are locks in Van Zeyl ( when healthy ), Filer, Ciraco, and Revenberg.
It appears that we are set at going with a national at RB as Erlington has looked great and now Irons has shown well. i’d still bring in Terrel Sutton as an option since Erlingron will be out for a while.

So that makes 5 imports on and yes I am excluding National Mike Jones. I’ d much rather see a significant upgrade with import Tucker to go with Atkin, Banks, Tasker’ and Addison.
Pretty lethal receivers I’d say

On Defence Ted Laurent is a lock at DT and Adeleke at safety has shown well.

When he gets healthy, Westerman is an option at DE over Tracy if we have any national injuries like Van Zeyl.
I think Tracy has played well especially last game. Mauldin is a former NFL New York Jet 3rd round pick and he looks fast and strong and I suspect he will be the starter before the season is over. i think Howsare has improved his game and Dean has looked good at DT. We have an embarassment of riches on the dline with the exception of a national backup to Laurent. If Teddy goes down we will have to alter the ratio and start Dean ar DT as we have no national worthy of starting at DT.

I can’t recall a Ticat team having si much depth. We just need replacements for mlb Tuggle and db Leonard and we will be fine and primed to win the East and likely the Grey Cup.

J’Gared Davis, Simoni, Revenberg, Banks , Masoli, Laurent, Breaux , Rico, and Brooks would be the injuries thst would hurt us the most. If we can keep this group health then I think we can win the Grey Cup.
Anyone notice J’Gared is up there in tackles despite being a DE and he is there with 4 sacks as well. He will be an Eastern All-Star for sure and maybe a CFL All-star neck and neck with Charleston Hughes and Alexander.

What say you…


We want some insider trading info now that it is bye week.