Ratio Question - Not a discussion

So ... I understand "the ratio" as far as it applies to the 46 and 42 and 55 man rosters.

But where I have a problem in understanding and clarity is with the 7 non-import starters rule.

So ... Allow me to ask the following questions ... Hopefully someone can answer and explain it to me. I've emailed the TiCats, the league, TSN ... And no one has responded with an appropriate answer.

You have to have 7 NI starters. So lets say you decide to start 5 NI's on offense and 2 on D ... Does that mean you have to adhere to that all game? If an injury comes up or you just want to change that ratio ... Ie going from 5 & 2 between O & D ... Can you just change to 6 & 1 or 4 & 3? Can you do it? Who do you tell? When an you do it? Mid series?

As far as the 7 NI Starters ... Is it to start the game? Each half? Each quarter? Each series?

How is it observed/managed? Again, lets say that the starting NI ratio is 5 on offense & 2 on D ... Does that mean that every substitution has to adhere to that 5 of 12 ratio and 2 of 12 ratio? I know the side judge manages the DI's ... But who watches the starting ratio ... And nice again ... How is that starter ratio manage I'm a two sided, fluid dynamic?

What's the penalty for a ratio violation? Has anyone ever seen in called? Seems like it should be a forfeiture.

Anyways ... Any help is greatly appreciated. Like I said, I've asked many people the same question and not only can they not answer it, they become greatly frustrated and ultimately frustrated that I asked such a question and have now given them something to dwell, focus, obsess & fixate upon.

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