Ratio Predictions

Thought it would be fun to see how everyone thinks the Cats are going to manage the Ratio this year. and where we are going to place our 7 Canadian Starters.

I see:

3 NI Offencive linemen,
1 SB,
1 FB

1 S

1 K

Dunno about everyone else, but it'd be hard to start a NI Dlineman without a sub to rotate in, and i think now that we've lost Reid to FA, Kirk could see himself traded.

Eddie Steele can back up Kirk.

I'm certainly puzzled by what the Cats are planning for 2011 in this regard LB78. Regarding your thought ..... I don't think the K position would count. I believe the 7 NIP starters have to be among the 24 players who start on either O or D.

very good point, i almost forgot we had him on the practice roster, i believe he can be a veru effective dlinemen in the CFL

also, great football name

Certainly between the releases and free agency we have lost a couple of NI players, although the recent signing of Wayne Smith and Daryl Stephenson may have helped a little. Releasing Gauthier is probably the biggest change when it comes to the NIs that start. I'm pretty sure that they will work things out, but I do agree that some injuries in the wrong spots could leave us with some real ratio problems.

As far as Kirk being released just because we no longer have Reid as a backup does not make sense as you could probably say the same for other NI players. Who would you say is the backup for Barker, or Hinds? I don't know that either Beswick, Hood, or Wladichuk could fill in for these guys. Possibly Carter could fill in at Safety. As someone else mentioned, Steele could be used to fill in for Kirk.

At this point if we run into issues with NI starters, they might be forced to start Smith at Tackle, play Carter at Safety, or start one of these guys as a DB (scary).

Just proves once again, that you can never have enough good Canadians on a CFL team.


with the signing of RB Stevenson, does anyone think we could see Brown moved to SB to take some passes over the middle? The guy is huge and has soft hands, and it's a shame that we aren't utilizing him. now that we have a NI RB that will prpbably move to FB as the cats like to do. I guess out NI receivers could look like this;


Brown had problems blocking in the backfield because well, he'd not once played full-back, maybe a move back to the line of scrimmage will help him in his blocking assingments. Especially if he winds up laying a hit on a puny montreal defender named anderson! hahahah.