Ratio issue

Being reported by Gary Lawless...

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/roughriders-receive-cfl-call-for-ratio-violation-1.536831]http://www.tsn.ca/roughriders-receive-c ... n-1.536831[/url]
1.Ratio violations a rarity (not enough Canadians on field for a play) in #cfl. Teams must start 7 and declare pre-game how many on D and O
  1. Ratio must be consistent throughout game regardless of injury/package substitution. #riders recently light on a play, got call from #cfl

I am guessing this happened in the BC game with all of the injuries...but it doesn't say for sure

you hear about this every couple of years...definitely not common and not a super easy thing to monitor for the refs in a game.

My assumption is that they used DIs in play but used too many....you bring a DI in for a NI you still need to have a NI come in somewhere