Ratio for 2014

well...we are only a week away from the first pre-season game. Sure...lots of moves to see prior to official season kickoff, and more to follow in a few weeks after that, but figured it was time to look at the ratio spots a bit...

Well...4 on the OL...however you want to roll that out...I think that is a given.

#2 WR - Bagg / and someone else....Last season it was McHenry often. There are definately a few options there and actually some really tough decisions to make.

SB - Haven't had this option in a long time...Getz/Etienne, unless Etienne is used in some other capacity...this makes sense though...

D has a few question marks...they seem insistent on leaving Brackenridge at Safety.

so perhaps a DB...Tristan Black and...hmm...seems they don't really have a NI to back him up any more...they saw them all leave town. Perhaps Woldu could rotate in there. Big question mark there.

DE - Foley / David Lee...scary if Foley goes down in a game...perhaps Lee is good enough...simply havent seen enough of him...dont be shocked if he gets a pile of reps in pre-season.

DT - Wellman might shock a few people and get some action inside. But is there another NI with experience enough? Heck...he himself doesn't likely have enough...Steinhauer, not sure if he is ready for steady rotations...point being...these guys or Ainsworth might step up, but willing to roll the dice at this point...here and now...not so much...pre-season might say more...doubt it.

Really the only option is LB right now. They have a lot of NI LB depth for a team that uses DBs in the place of LBs. This could equate to a big shift in mentality. Compound this with the camp play of Kilgore, and things seem to indicate a shift in defensive strategy coming. Kilgore has been the darkhorse...they will be finding a place to put him, so he is a bit of a ratio buster. Plus the picked up Isaac. They clearly had intention of using a NI at LB, but I think that with the play of a few guys in camp they have some really tough questions ahead.

they really are tight on ratio...I know there is some tweaking that will / can improve that...will be interesting to see the lineup for sure.

i Think so too they realy are left thin on defense. Foley/Lee DE would make that the only ratio spot on defense nedded.Problem is that Hillee TaYLOR IS MUCH BETTER TO ROTATE IN FOR cHICK AND foley. Sma Hurl at MLB but Kilgore is very good and Ivy may be the best although he is currently injured.
Woldu at CB is just too huge a dropoff from the 3, 4,or 5 imports they have.
Brak is at Safety and Weldon Brown has taken the Sam Job as his own.
A dime package with Woldu or Lopez coming in could help be part of ratio spot by Comittee in packages.

Evans was a bigger loss then most would think. Foley at DE and Evans as the 3rd rotating DT and there would be a nice system in place