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How did they arrive at/determine the current ratio?

I suggest an Earl verses Seymour cage match to settle it! :lol:
My money is on Earl.

A long series of CBA negotiations.

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A short history of the international rules, aka import rules or "ratio".


A few more specifics about changes to the ratio over the years, here:


My spidey-sense is tingling and telling me that "cba negotiations" isn't the answer your looking for.

The "ratio rule" is a piece of Canadian protectionism that goes back to the days of the Rugby Football Unions before the formation of the CFL.

I wish I could find some reading for you but I haven't been able to find what I've read in the passed.

The rule in question actually originated in the form of limiting teams to a total of something like THREE Americans. Over time, through the ever encroaching influence of American culture, more American coaches, a virtual industrialization of the development of football players, the rule has been changed and moulded and the number of Canadians and their importance has been whittled away at to the present set we see today.

21 nationals
20 internationals + 3 quarterbacks (for an of actual 23)
A percentage that actually works out to be only 47%... Yeah, less than half on a roster are Canadian

Then with almost all teams playing only the designated MINIMUM Of canadian starters, National players on the field only make up 29 %, yeah! less than one third of starting athletes are Canadian in the CFL.

Canadians seem to have this disregard for their own culture and heritage, because it's not what the media has sold to them as "the big show".... Hopefully tsn can change some of this, but we continue to see ongoing Americanization of a national institution.

Chip Burnside would be rolling in his grave.

A big issue is not the quality of Canadian players as some have suggested, but the availability. Talent searching is like shopping, one stop at a big American talent pool is so much easier than driving around to all the little Canadian outlets. If your looking for a speedy punt returner you can chose from 800 NFL cast offs or 20 CIS grads. Pretty easy to see why Canadian talent can get left behind.

The only change I would make to the ratio is that Canadian QBs count towards the ratio the same as any other player. That's it. Other then that, leave it alone.

Of course it's about the quality of Canadian players. Would you rather see "speedy Banks" or a Chris Williams returning punts and kick offs or a Sam Giguere or Matt Carter? Would you rather see a Zach Collaros, Durant, Henry Burris at QB or some CIS QB who may have racked up all kinds of yardage playing against CIS defenses but has never faced ex-NFL or NCAA players that are bigger, faster, stronger than anything they have seen in the CIS.
Do you know anyone that would rather see less players like Banks or Chris Williams or Zach Collaras and MORE Canadian offensive players?
It's not just about the big talent pool, it's about the quality of the talent. We just don't have the talent in Canada, When was the last time a CIS player won the outstanding player award? when was the last time a CIS player won rookie of the year?
There are some quality Canadians but the best have come through NCAA schools, recruited right out of Canadian high schools. The problem is not enough Canadians to fill the ratio on 9 rosters.

Thats not a problem slimjim it’s a blessing. Talented Canucks are just as fun to watch as Americans. No where does it say that the game will be more interesting to watch because the players are faster or bigger. The game is just fine the wsy it is!