I noticed earlier in the season there was almost a weekly update on t.v. ratings. I have not seen any the past few weeks, does anyone know how the Labour Day games did?

Im pretty sure ArgoTom was the one to usually post them, so I don't know if he doesn't have access to them or what.

I know that last year during the huge drop the league stopped bragging, which was the complete opposite of the previous two seasons where they bragged every week.

If that is any indication, then ratings are not where they would like them to be and they would rather not have them be brought up.

That's my thought anyway.

Could the start of that ladies football league called the NFL be to blame?


I read articles saying the leagues ratings are good, and above last year, but I haven't seen anything posted what they were

I was able to find a ratings info for 2 games. Are these considered good compared to previous Labour Day ratings? I've been enjoying the NBC Sports telecasts here in good old New Jersey, looking forward to their next broadcast October 5th..

I know I haven’t posted ratings very regularly lately. I hope to have more in the near future with NFL season in full swing and the MLB and CFL playoffs. For now, here are some of the highlights of the last month. 888, 000 watched the Roughriders beat the Bombers 52-0 on Labour Day weekend. 750, 000 watched the more tightly matched Banjo Bowl re-match a week later. Earlier this month the league reported ratings are up 4% over last year. Still down over two seasons ago.

The Saturday night game two weeks ago (September 15) featuring the Argos at B.C. was the top rated program of the summer according the Lions, with 814,000 national viewers for the game.
(SOURCE: Vancouver Province)