Rating the cheerleaders...

... where is Newfie when we need him? :lol:



wow... second one looks like softcore pornography....but thats not a bad thing now, is it? :slight_smile:

I purpose that we have a vote on which chree squard is the best! my vote goes to Edmonton.

Yeah. I agree. Edmonton has a few hotties.




In the first set of pictures, I read the bio on the one on the right..... she says that she's excited to finish high school... so although I don't blame you for originally thinking there's nothing wrong with the shot esks123, I found it a little disturbing that they'd post it if she's still in high school. I guess it's not illegal if she's over 18.... but still, I dunno.

I actually met the Stamp cheerleader at a golf tournament I played in this summer. She was really nice, and if I wasn't already engaged, I would've considered..... well, if I did ask, I'm sure she'd just have to uncomfortably make some story up about why she couldn't go out with me. :slight_smile: It happens. :slight_smile:

There's a couple other girls on the esks cheer team that I think are better than the ones posted, but yeah, overall I think the esks take the prize both for quality, and for quantity of quality.

I disavow all knowledge of this post if caught. :slight_smile:

.....eskimos cheer squad rates the highest, calgary second......as noted before, the girls up north are very bendy........a tribute to the Alberta Milk and Meat producers........

42monkey, I think you have to be 18 to be a cheerleader, so the picture above should not be disturbing... well, not for any bad reason.

Redandwhite, Winnipeg and Toronto's squads should also rank near the summit. Saskatchewan and Ottawa definately are the bottom two.

Hmmmm nice. Oh to be back in my twenties again....sigh!

Careful Third, jm02 may beat you up over this! R&W2005 and Budha got scolded a few weeks ago on the Edmonton site.

Okay, if she is over 18 then it's okay.... still kinda shocked me to see that tho....

I hate to admit it as a rider fan, but from seeing what I've seen of them, yeah...... not so good.

I disagree about TO's tho, didn't see really anything there that compares with the top squads, and quite honestly I'd but TO in the same group as Sask and Ottawa. You'd think with a few million people, there'd be a bit more talent to choose from.

When Toronto came to Montreal, there was about 18 TO cheerleaders sitting together about 8 rows above my seat. They looked pretty good then. Perhaps its just because I am used to see beer-belly bearded guys in those seats the rest of the year...

I would have to put in a vote for those Winnipeg Girls. They are very very ummm talented, ya talented.

I've checked out thanks to 3nd's pictures.

"ugh, hey baby! I'm like pretty high" WAIT I GOT A GRILFRIEND OH NO!!!!!!!

Maybe those TO girls do have talent, but the pictures they have on their website definitely don’t do them justice then…

Kanga, you can look, it’s the touching part that typically gets you in trouble.

No Buddy's Mentioned Hamilton Yet?!? :shock: In Years Past Hamilton's Always Had A Poor Showing In The Cheerie Department But This Year They've Got Some Of The Hottest In The League Rival To The Normal Favourites; Edmonton And Calgary.

As For The 'Never Say Die' Post Of Rate The Cheerleaders It's Been Hard For Newfie To Keep Bringing The Topic Back Up As This Site Is Very Incosisent In Updating The Bios And The Last Few Weeks They've Only Had One At A Time. Very Odd Considering Everyone Knows That Guys Preffer Two Or More At A Time.

And Finally I'd Like To Close With The Wiesle Clase Or In This Case The Monkey Clase: I Disavow Any Knowledge Of This Post If I Get In Trouble.

The motto I live by is: "It doesn't matter where you get hungry, as long as you eat at home."


I do not want to get into trouble again with the teacher of the site but here is my spin on the eskies squad.

I do not mean to be bad here but this girl needs Jenny Craig!

Holy cow!!!
I mean the one on the right.
What a fat pig!!!

I’m fatter than that!

what abou ****** off? j/k