Rating the Canadian Receivers

Who are they?
I say....

  1. Ben Cahoon MTL
  2. Jason Cleremont B.C
  3. Jason French SSK
  4. Pat Woodcock OTT
  5. Andre Talbot T.O
  6. Kwame Cavil EDM
  7. Dave Stala MTL
  8. Sylvain Girard MTL
  9. Kamau Peterson HAM
    10.Mike Morreale HAM
    Those are the ones I can think of....I might of missed a few.....but what are yours?

Looks good to me

where are the stamps Copeland and Lewis should be in there

They aren't Canadian...

Um, Kwame Cavil isn't Canadian. Here's my list:

Ben Cahoon
Jason Claremont
Jason French
Sylvain Girard
André Talbot
Pat Woodcock
Mike Morreale
Dave Stala
Kamau Peterson
O'Neill Wilson

You have to add BC Lions Ryan Thelwell and Paris Jackson to any credible list of Canadian receivers along with the guy already on the list, Jason Clermont.

I agree underrated Thelwell should be added to the list. In 2004, he was a western all-star. This season, he continues to play well.

The Eskimos roster on their website says Kwame Cavil is a non-import.

[url=http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=867&ESKS_ROSTER_ID=299]http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_I ... TER_ID=299[/url]

says he was born in texas though...so i dont know what he is.

No matter who is on the list, there's no way Woodcock belongs in fourth spot. Maybe when he was with the Alouettes, but he hasn't played up to that level since heading to Ottawa.