Rating logos for all the CFL teams...

Give each one a rating out of 5.

Hamilton: 3/5--This would be a 5/5 if they hadn't changed it. It looks too cute now, but it still has some energy.

Toronto: 2/5--The letter A. Still, it's a cleaner look than before for the Argos.

Montreal: 3/5--Angry bird? Given what it has to work with, it shows some energy though.

Winnipeg: 2/5--Creativity=zero. They've had that style for a little while now. There's only so much you can do with the name Blue Bombers without doing something silly.

B.C.:4/5--Thanks to what Hamilton did, this might be the best in the league right now. Maybe it could be tweaked a little, but it's still a decent look.

Calgary: 3.5/5--Decent design. Ford uses it too, I think. Not particularly colourful, but there is some history there.

Edmonton: 3.5/5--Definitely conjures images of this franchise, if not visually spectacular. History counts for something.

Saskatchewan: 3/5--Not sure whether the main logo is better or the vintage one. I'm rating the more recent one here. The letter "S" with some lines. Still, it's sort of classic, I guess.

My conclusion: Most fans probably have a connection to the team's logos and often don't like too much change here (listen to this, Hamilton, or Buffalo Sabres) but sometimes good can come. I think the current CFL logo is WAY better than the previous one with just the helmet.

It's fun to rate things. I didn't include Ottawa because there's no telling what they will be if they return.

Now for your ratings...

honestly u give the ugly als bird a better rating then the bomber logo. even the plane W is better then that.

The Montreal showed a spark of creativity.

Toronto. Best colors, nice and simple. Worst are the als, way too generic.

The Bomber logo is not old it's been around now what 2 years the other one i think was mid nineties looks almost the same just the W has blue colored in now

I have 7 different bomber logos on my comp, starting back from 1936. If anyone can show me how to load pics onto the forums i will gladly show u them all.

Hamiltons old logo was the best sports logo ever.

ofcourse any poll created, the riders will win.

complete joke.

the ticats have the best logo in sports ( and the worst team ).

I'd say Winnipeg and Hamilton are my favourite concepts. I like how Saskatchewan has the football field in the background. It's original.

I would go with Ticats or Als but i am a cfl Fan first