Rating 2016 - Poll

This has been a mixed year for the CFL.

  • Toronto is miles ahead of where they were last year, but they are no where near where we hoped.
  • Hamilton's attendance was great but there were endless no shows at the end of the season - which is never a good sign.
  • Montreal was meh and a non entity.
  • Winnipeg struggled to attract fans, even with a good team.
  • B.C. is the new mess of the CFL.
  • The play improved as the year went on. It was better than previous years.
  • Less flags than previous years but, early in the season, they were everywhere and on almost every play.
  • The Grey Cup was poorly marketed but will sell out and be very profitable.
  • The ratings were up, even against overwhelming competition, but I still expected better.

How would you rate 2016 and why?

I voted good before I read your list of points.

The only ones that factored into my choice was on-field play and penalties. I think the quality of games, at least most of the ones I happened to watch, was quite high. The penalties and especially challenges/replays was a big drawback in the first half of the season but smoothed out in the second half.

Still, I think overhauling the challenge and replay protocol is the #1 priority for the league in the off-season.

Tickets sold and attendance are little more than between-game distractions to me and don't factor much into how I'd rate/remember a season. The on-field resurgence of BC and Winnipeg are much bigger stories in my mind . . . and the poor showing of the East division as a whole. I'd also add in the late season surges for both Sask and Montreal . . . and the unfortunate collapse of the good ship Argonaut. :cry:

I voted average, which is an improvement from last season's below average. The refereeing is moderately better, but the rules (too many challenges) are worse. The games themselves were much improved from last year. Next year with my Riders coming back, and the new stadium, I'm hoping I'll be able to say it will be even better for me personally. Also, TSN needs to pick up their broadcast game. The panel is good, too many technical issues with the actual broadcasts though.

I believe that the quality of play was higher than 2015, however the challenge system and the stoppages were worse so I could only give it an average rating.

They have to get the penalty s-show fixed (bad calls, challenges, video replay, the booth, etc.). Calls and how they are handled are the biggest negatives in the CFL. :twisted:


    • Penalties, non penalties, challenges and control room are a huge problem
    • Scheduling was terrible, watched way too many games where 1 team is coming off of short weeks some even playing 3 games in 11 days. Makes for terrible mismatches and injuries. no more midweek games!
      All games Fri., Sat. Sun. until LD
    • TOR franchise was a disaster, on and off the field


    • New drug policy
    • New Coach poaching policy

I voted above average, and considering I'm an Argos season ticket holder, that's big! The games overall were more entertaining, once the league changed the challenge rule where you lost a time out if your challenge was lost, the games flowed better. Some great finishes and lots an lots of passing!
The league and play on the field are heading in the right direction. The main focus, again, is for the Argos to get more of those that watch on TSN into the seats.

That's a little harsh. Isn't it, G? It was much better than under Braley.

Not harsh at all , totally agree with Grover . If anyone thinks that playing games in a stadium that was anywhere between 1/2 to 2/3rds empty on most nights and was a total embarrassment when shown on TV was successful well then I guess it doesn't take too much to impress you , not to mention the total F-Up with the Grey Cup ticket pricing and the fact that the Argos and the city of Toronto are the least deserving of anybody to be rewarded with yet another Grey Cup game. I'm sorry but they should just rename the team the "Boat Anchors" because all they are doing is dragging the rest of the league down........Harsh ? You bet it's harsh but I'm getting a little sick and tired of all the excuses and pandering when it comes to this franchise and the lack of support in a city that obviously couldn't give a flying fig about this team , the CFL or football in general. Let's face it here folks , if this team was located anywhere else but in the Centre of the Universe aka Toronto it would'a been folded up and deep sixed a long time ago. Don't believe me ? just ask a fan of the Alouettes or anybody from Ottawa about losing their franchise because of ineptitude and apathy , they'll tell ya all about it. Although I know that the powers that be would never let that happen to the Argos ,but maybe it's whats needed to revitalise this moribund pathetic franchise that unfortunately plays in a city that couldn't care less about them and clearly doesn't deserve them or appreciate them or the league. :x :thdn:

Kevin, this is the definition of harsh! :wink:


If there was a category between avergae and very good, my vote would go there.

The quality of the games got better in the second half, better than 2015 and a quantum leap ahead compared to 2014.

Good to have a drug policy in place. Also good to have real clarity re: coaching moves. Formal written protocol is always good.

TV ratings we're 5% despite going head to head with the Jays playoff run for the 2nd year in a row, the World Cup of Hockey and the Summer Olympics. All this with 100% of their games on a declining medium.

Attendance could be better but ticket revenues and overall revenues are more important. With that said, almost all teams have sections of the stadiums that never sell aside from key games (Labour Day, Banjo Bowl etc...) would be wise to have a low lead in price (say 20.00) and child pricing which helps establish the next generation of fans.

Toronto on and off the field has been a disappointment but there are already many threads with thoughts how that can improve.

Montreal is poised to turn things around both on and off the field, with the younger Wettenhal now with the reigns hope to see some progessive change off filed.

Ottawa is solid as is Hamilton. Wouldn't worry about the no shows yet. It could be a high corporate season ticket base. Lots of empty seats are seen with the Leafs too.

Winnipeg. Hoping some on field sucess can lead to a better gate. Already on thread on that.

Sask. Solid team. Hopefully they can have a good year on the field to compliment the new stadium.

Edmonton and Calgary. Gate should be better despite good teams. Though don't underestimate how bad the economy has been hit out there. Not too concerned.

BC. The better Braley sells the better. Hope the league learns it's lesson and don't award the Grey Cup there for the first year of the next ownership group.

Piss poor

Poor, for obvious reasons.


Hey, I'm the first one to say attendance should be higher in Vancouver, given the exciting 12-6 team we've been given to watch and a group of marketable players, but I think you're exaggerating things by stating they're "the new mess of the CFL."

They averaged 21,056 in the regular season (76.5% of capacity) - higher than Montreal and only about 3K per game less than Hamilton, so they're not miles from respectability.

They only had one Rider game this year (Esks had 3, including preseason). As well, BC doesn't have a rivalry Labour Day game to boost the attendance average either.

As for the "mess," YES I want Braley to sell the team and I want a President hired that knows the market and understands its unique challenges. That said, games involving the Lions averaged 591K heading into the final week of the season (placing them at least 4th in the league in viewers). They maintain quite a high average ticket price (a contentious issue!) and sponsorships are healthy.