Rate your teams performance 1st game

My team rates poorly on offense communication between QB and receivers were very bad and if the Stamps think that Joe West is their new Mr Rogers that is going to be the joke of the year. The lions defense were beat a few times deep but when yu have a receiver that could not catch a football without a laundry basket then you know the off season recruitment is not adequate in this area and thats face it they brought in several international receivers and if Dickenson thinks these are the best that were in the lineup tonight the Stamps will be in last place for sure. Defense played very well but was it more the Lions offense sucked in the first three quarters the defense for the stamps rated poorly as well. The special teams what the hell is wrong with Al Matador? Inside and you are missing field goals seriously? Down field coverage on kick offs again sucked mind you there was a clip on that touchdown but it was missed and that is okay it happens. The bright spot the three blocked kicks set up good field position only to have our offense choke. I hope the loss tastes bad because the Stamps might be dieting on losses this year if they do not make changes. Overall performance put it this way it smelt like you were standing in the city dump in mid hot summer day. The Lions were not that good as well the Stamps made them look good. By the way this week so far I am impressed with the RedBlacks, Tigercats and heck the Riders lol even though they did not play.

Ticats and ORR looked GREAT!!!!! I love it!

Every team looked awful other than Edmonton and Ottawa… Hamilton looked decent…
Calgary looked the worst… Well other than Winnipeg of course.
God thank I didn’t homer pick the Bombers to beat montreal.

My team the Riders are one day at a time preparing/getting ready to club Toronto and chase Rick Ray around.

Pft.. If Current does t look slower and older than Ray ..I'd be suprised

Great to see some actual football discussion for a refreshing change.

I didn’t like Stubler’s plan on passing downs of going with a three man front and bringing two or three on a blitz - - it left way too much open underneath. Argos have a great DLine - - clearly the best in the league - - and he just needs to let the four of them get after the QB.

Way too many asinine penalties for Toronto. When it’s a back up or third string American taking the stupid calls, the solution is simple - - just cut them.

OLine struggled to block and with Ricky Ray being so immobile, it was easy pickings for the Hamilton rush. Argos may need to use more of #43 Dupuis in a TE look next game.

Ottawa's passing game is number 1 . The running game is a work in progress again . Special teams were better .
Milo was solid .

The defense on the run was solid game one . The secondary snoozed a couple of plays and had difficulty covering the big receivers . Surprised that they were exploited so easily . Happy with the line backing and the dline except for that one penalty near the end for early movement .

Game day coaching with communication and co-ordination for player movement on and off the field needs to improve .

If you're expecting anything to improve with Jaime Elizondo as the OC you're in for a long wait, my friend.

This guy is the most incompetent coach that I've ever seen - - and that's saying quite a bit considering I've had the displeasure of watching Greg Quick, Barf Andrus, Chip Garbage and Todd Howard.

Lions vs Calgary: June 25/16 Lions win 20-18 in great come from behind fashion. :rockin:

Overall performance? C+ maybe a B for having eeked out a come from behind win against a very good team. They beat the Stamps after trailing the entire game and at one point being down 17-6.

A lot to be positive about: Jennings did well considering this was his first game as a QB starter. He will get better. Johnson who replaces Harris performed well in running the ball up the gut, particularly in the last quarter. Leone [PK] stunk the joint out having had 3 consecutive punts blocked or partially blocked. I don't know if it because he's not getting the time to set up or he is taking his sweet time and is in la la land. This happened last year as well and Lions fans were quite concerned. He is going to have to do something about that and fast!

I would not rate the Lions higher than a B because I don't the Stamps were playing their best football. The Stamps had a great chance to tie the game but blew an easy FG. The Lions were certainly not less than a C+.

So far so good, he came up with 600 Yards of Offense against the supposed best "D" in the CFL. What more can you ask form an OC

Considering the fact that we’re without our #1 QB, I feel very good about my team this year.

Jeremiah Masoli showed he has what it takes to be at least a backup in this league. He could easily be #1 on some other teams. After a bad game in his first start a couple of years ago, his last three starts ('15 semi, '15 final and '16 opener) he is now 2-1 and has played well enough to win all three.

The receiving corps is mostly intact from last year, minus a couple of third-read receivers, but with the addition of Chad Owens (okay, I take back everything I said about him) I think they’re just as good or better. Good to see Owens using two hands to catch the ball, unlike last year when it seemed his main concern was making the highlight reel.

Our DBs were another question mark going in, and they performed adequately. This was mostly due to our D-line & linebackers harassing Ray all night. Simoni Lawrence had the game of his life, but with a mobile QB back there they would have had a harder time of it.

And the change at K/P was a risk, too. We’re not likely to see any 58-yard attempts, but Maher did go 3-for-3, including one from 52 yards out. And finally we have a punter who can angle the ball out inside the 10, rather than shanking it to the 35 for a penalty. That certainly helped in game one.

So overall, I feel really good about this team getting some wins under Masoli. And when Collaros comes back at 100%, well, that’s when the Cats should really dominate. :rockin:

Really hard to assess. I view Week 1 of the regular season as the 3rd preseason game - with intensity.

For the most part, fans are seeing all of their team's starters together for the first time. Week 1 is usually rife with mental errors and sloppy play.

I would say the only team that truly came out firing on all cylinders in all three phases was Hamilton. Ottawa's and Edmonton's offenses looked surprisingly crisp given that defenses are usually ahead of offenses this time of year (due to timing).

Hamiltons season is 100% dependant on having a healthy Collaros return to action. B&E Masoli is hopeless.

Your DBs are more than just a "question mark" - - you've got the worst pair of corners in the league. An unwanted guy off Montreal's scrap heap doesn't inspire much confidence.

But bringing in Goof Tisdale defies logic. This is a guy who wasn't even good enough to play for one of the worst defensive units in CFL history.

How is it possible that Shovelface couldn't find something better than Tisdale? You can be certain of two things with Tisdale: he'll take a ton of penalties and he'll get burned consistently.

Well, obviously they're dependent on their superstar QB. The guy was looking like he was going to in MOP last year. Who wouldn't be dependent on him?

Mainly what I'd like to see is our D putting pressure on Ray. Hope Durant has a decent game to push for a win.

Doesn't say much for the Argos defence then.

Doesn't say much for the Argos offence then.

Nothing about how bad our special teams are?

Well, you do have that Reinebold... :roll:

Replacing the best kicker in the league with a guy off the scrap heap isn't generally seen by many as an "upgrade". Had to laugh at Chad the Fumbler trying to be a punt returner. The guy will fumble more kick returns this year than kick return TDs.

I'm the first to acknowledge the Argos completely shat the bed against Hamilton. They came out completely flat and weren't even close to being ready to play.

But it's always better to have a terrible game like that in July than in, say...the EDF...or the Grey Cup. Wouldn't you agree, Hamilton Fan?

Or the Eastern Division Semi.

Rating my Als' performance last game?


Offense: Yes, we shot ourselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers, but considering that we have a revamped O-line and a rookie OC, we still won the time-of-possession battle on the road and we made plays when we needed to. Calvillo put together a great game plan and Glenn executed. Grade: A-

Defense: Took our foot off the gas a bit in the 4th quarter, but 5 sacks, 2 INTs, and only one major allowed despite starting two young rookies in the secondary is an accomplishment. Grade: A

Special Teams: No breakdowns in blocking or coverage, but we couldn't spring Logan for a big return all night, and Bede was not great on field goal tries. Definitely room for improvement. Grade: B