Rate your teams 2nd game of the season

Okay what are your thoughts of your teams latest performance.

The riders first game was not as bad as I thought it would be and the Argos played well. We have to remember with all the changes in the line up and coaching staff for the riders it may take sometime to tweak. The Als and Redblacks game was pretty entertaining but you have to wonder if the ejection of Carter and the loss of key players for the Als affected the outcome. The Red/blacks are for real and Trevor Harris has solidified the QB position that means Hank may not get to be starter unless Harris goes down. The receivers for the RB’s are their strength they too had a few injuries but their performance was not affected by it.

Player stand outs> Steele on offense for the riders, Jones on defense. For the Als how about that Nik Lewis old thick Nik still has it Duron Carter up until he left the game for the Als and really the Redblack receivers where do you start but Trevor Harris was the big star. For the Argos Foley had a great game so did Ricky Ray!

My team plays the Bombers and I have to say I will comment on those two teams at that time and of course there i the Tigercats and BC lions to watch. Ah CFL is back.

Ah the Tigercats and Lions not sure did the Tiger cats take the night off or is BC playing that good. It makes you wonder has the Tigercats feasted on weak defenses up until now? Speedy Banks has hit a school zone has not shown his star power in this game good special teams by the Lions once again. Gore had a very good game. I am still scratching my head to find a player in the Tigercats that had a a god game. Possibly the towel boy.

Stamps vs What the hell was that Bombers- Stamps played well for 3 quarters of football special teams did not let them down other than the blocked kick. Joe West had a very good reception but in all seriousness this guy is not consistant enough to be a deep threat. He had the great reception and had 4 passes for 5 yards and 2 for 7 yards has he heard of yak yards thick Nik can you show him please. I have been critical of Joe West and I am still not sold yes he made catches tonight that was better but thats remember this was against the Bombers sorry bomber fans that was a team that went onto the field before the first kick off defeated. The Bombers had zero effort through out this game they looked good in the final quarter but where the hell did the Calgary defense go for pizza?
Bo Mitchel had a better game but concern because yet again they used Jorden (unproven) and Joe West as wide Receivers hello Dave is Bacarri around? Seriously! AS far as the Bombers go Adams did well in the 4th quarter but again the Calgary defense took the rest of the night off. The future of Willy my guess is they will suffer one more lose before Oshea takes him out of the game and tries a new one.

Too early to really say anything concrete, but,

Lions are looking pretty good, so far. The win over Calgary wasn't pretty but, hey, it's a W!! Tonight VS Cats they were rather impressive.

So far 7.3 'O' 10. That's my rating :thup:

Game 1: A+
Game 2: F

Consistently inconsistent in the Hammer as per usual.

Ottawa A first game .
Ottawa A second game .

The passion at the Redblacks bench after Campbell was knocked down priceless .

Well I'm still waiting for my team to actually play their 2nd game of the season. It seems that the Cats were supposedly supposed to play the Lions last night in their home opener...but for whatever reason from what I saw they never showed up at THF for the kick-off :oops: :cry:

I think they were guilty of reading their own high grade press clippings.

That and not taking the Lions serious.

All that talent on the O and 3 points .
Regardless, if I was a Cat fan at that game , I would have been pissed that I had paid money to see 3 points.

I only saw the first half. Had to get to my own game here.

The humiliation might be the best thing to happen to the Cats.
A slap in the face on their turf that they will take out on the Bombers.
Austin took the bullet, but you know the guys are gonna get ripped in the film room.

Pretty sure that will not happen again.

First week was an A-. Very good, but not perfect.

This week, I was going give them a DNF, but that's not right. It's not that they didn't finish; they didn't even start. Absolutely painful to watch.

Yup 3 points and all of them singles :cry: Without a doubt the WORST home game ever played at THF since it opened. The bloom has definitely gone off the place , the team reeled off 9 wins in a row to open the new stadium and have since gone 3 wins against 5 losses in the last 8 games played at THF.

Another thing to consider is that the team was sitting at an overall record of 8 wins and 3 losses when Zach went down last year and since that time their W/L record in their last 11 games played without Collaros in the lineup is a paltry pedestrian 4 and 7. We need the Zach attack back and soon as it's painfully obvious that he is the straw that stirs the drink and this team has been barely treading water since he went down with his injury.

Bombers get an F

Seems the players they add in the off season only make the team worse than before. I would have to conclude that the GM is clueless.

So much so that I'm pretty sure Jerrell Gavins, perhaps our smallest DB, totally trucked Abdul Kanneh to get to Carter. :lol:

Aside from injuries, which can't be helped, the only causes for concern for me are pass rush and an inability to finish early drives. Van fumbles on the Edmonton ten, Sinopoli fumbles after a 60+ yard catch. They move the ball but are slow to start putting points up.

Aside from that, obviously pleased. :thup:

Well there are some very good GM's in this league that do not choose the free agent offerings they prefer recruitment finding new young talent. Then there are those that take a very large shopping cart and go buy used discarded products that seem to not show up for games or without the team they play on seem not to play well for other teams. Bombers will never learn. :oops:

Well there is a plus side to this right! If you are going to have a stinker one do it early in the season but never ever do this at a home game.

It appears the management group and the coaching staff are doing a mighty fine job for the team. :thup: