Rate Williams' performance

On that interception on the 5 yard line,which was called incompltete at first,don't you have to have indusputable evidence to overturn the call on the field.Every replay failed to show him landing on the ground and maintaining possession.The play was right in front of the official who called it incomplete.Not enough evidence to overturn the oiginal call.Bad call n my opinion,cost us the game!!!!

I was thinking the same thing, the play calling was brutal as usual. Williams was about as effective as the system allowed him to be except for one big mistake and a couple of missed throws.

Statistically speaking, Richie Williams was the best quarterback on the field last night:

Kevin Glenn
11 completions/29 attempts, 184 yards, 1 TD, 2 interceptions (Quarterback Rating = 42.9)

Richie Williams
14 completions/25 attempts, 149 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception (Quarterback Rating = 70.3)

This young quarterback has shown good potential in almost every game he has played. Printers and Williams will form a very nice one-two quarterback combo for the Ticats.

The difference between a #1 QB and a #2 QB is
the #1 will complete most of those 3nd down
gambles and thus win the tight ones.
Williams will be a #1 one of these days but
not today.
Time for Printers to take over and start
winning the close one’s.

Lots of trouble getting offensive TDs just like the rest of the Ti-Cat QBs this season.

We scored only measley TD and that was a gift thanks to Jeff Piercy. Scoring only 1 TD will lose you most everygame.

I agree completely with this assessment


I was impressed by Ritchie’s play given what he had to work with. I was very disappointed with the offensive game plan, running on every first down. A first time spectator could’ve predicted our offense. With a mobile quarterback like Ritchie, why not fake a handoff and run more bootlegs? If he gets blitzed, he could pitch it, if the linebacker freezes, he could run. If the linebacker commits, he can pass. At least the defence wouldn’t be able to key on the same play every time. Let’s give the guy a chance to use his skills.

I thought the kid played really well, considering the circumstances. Going into Winnipeg (with arguably the best defence in the league), with less than perfect playing conditions, not having a lot of reps all year in practice, and losing a weapon like Lumsden, I thought he played well.
Remember, he's only twenty-four years old. He plays like he's been in the league for a few years, yet he's hardly been given a real shot, till recently.
Who would start a thread critcal of his play, in that game....unbelievable.
I'm glad he's a Ticat, and I sure hope he's hear for a long time. I've liked him from the first time I seen him play.
Let's not start criticizing him for a mistake and ruining his confidence already....the Kid's alright :cowboy:

He played ok. Not great(145 yards). Not terrible(1 int.)...almost good enough to win(if he had hit an open Curry late in the game. Although if the 'Peg receivers hadn't dropped so many passes, the margin of victory could have been greater.

No one is exempt from criticism and if his confidence is ruined because of a few comments on the internet, then he, and this team, are in big trouble.

That interception looked to me like it happened because Ritchie was hit just as he threw it.
I thought Ritchie played well considering the wind and the conservative (I'm being kind. Some of the running play calls were ridiculous and a waste of a down) play calling he was given. He looks comfortable. Not afraid to run. Improvises well and moves the team. He will be an excellent QB in no time.We need to hang on to this guy.

the kitty cats lost the game but I thought it was entertaining.
give me good effort for sixty minutes win or lose
Ritchie Williams could of would of should of done this or that but oh well sometimes it just doesn't go our way
I give thumbs up they played good.

I saw that and I really liked the leadership he showed. I think that he played well considering it was his first start and it was against a solid Bomber D. The weather conditions weren't the greatest and while the interception was heart-breaking, he really had no time to think on that one. I saw nothing that makes me support Richie any less. I still think he's a great QB and he can only get better.

Have to agree Espo and BG, I thought he really seemed to understand what was going on.

I think I saw him getting hit or tackled as he was trying to release the ball on that last throw to Curry. Too Bad Would have been quite a finish.

I thought R.W. did a commendable job and I also thought Cauley looks better and better the more we see him play. (And before anyone asks I think Jessie Lumsden is great and want him to be a Ticat for years but one that stays healthy)

The game was winnable and came within a yard or two of being so. If R.W. does not get his arm hit then Curry makes a catch and we at minimum have a chance for a field goal or more but that's football.

It was a good game right down to the wire. Could Printers have made the slight difference? Who knows?

I liked watching a game that we were in till the end so for that reason R.W. gets at least a 7 from me with an assist from the defence and the wind.

I like Richie hes got real talent could be the best backup QB in the league right now, hell when I see how some of the so called starting QBs have been playing this guys is right in there. I thought he looked better than Glen and I can tell you a lot of Peg fans were worried about losing that game right up to the final seconds.

Here what Perry Lefko Wrote :

This team is getting better. Quarterback Richie Williams made an unfortunate throw that was picked off by Bolden and turned into a touchdown by Roberts, but Jason Armstead made a dumb play to return a punt out of the end zone instead of surrendering a single. How often have the Ticats been killed this year by crappy returning? At least Armstead sort of made up for it with a great catch on the Ticats' final series.

Williams is playing well enough to stick as the starter, particularly if Casey Printers is hobbled by a wonky hamstring. The more Williams plays the more he impresses."

This is exactly what I thought. On almost every handoff he was putting the ball way out there and carrying through on his bootleg fake. I thought for sure they were setting up play action, but other than on the touchdown to Dickerson, did they run play action more than once or twice? I don't think so.

I'm glad to read that the absolute majority on this thread are behind Richie. Sometimes after a tough lost, it's nice to see that the faithful are still behind you. I'm sure he's going to be a premium qb in this league, one day.