Rate Williams' performance

Below average to poor (Closer to below average)

He had time, missed wide open recievrs all game, from the first drive(Bauman) to big second down conversions late in the game (French's crossing route when the pass was behind him and over his head)

And the brutal pick near our end zone. Ugh!

But, I'll cut him a little slack since it was his first start.

Yes, there was a couple of bad throws but he looked relaxed in the pockect and he did look to his first and second recievers at times.
He just needs more game time and hopefully play with the same players for the rest of the year.

Printers and Williams a 1,2 punch could work. :smiley:

He's more ready then Chang to play. But then he's had an extra year to learn the game. Could use a little more beef, especially if he has to run the ball on 3rd and one all the time.
He seems to have the tools to be a successful QB in the league though IMO. I think he will give the Ticats a chance to win anytime he has to fill in for Printers.
That's better then most teams in the league, take out their starter and it game over.

What I think you guys are forgetting is how difficult the conditions were for throwing the ball last night. That wind was wreaking havoc on both QB's throws all game. You weren't there, so it would be hard to appreciate just how strong the wind was last night. Williams played a very good game considering the conditions.

The wind may have played a factor, but I don't think 145 yards passing can be considered a good game. He also missed a few open receivers...if he had hit an open Curry at the end it would have given us good field goal position for the win. Terrible play calling though...how many predictable handoffs on first down? Virtually no deep passes, other than the one to Armstead at the end. We need a new OC.

To be Honest he moves the ball very well for a third string QB. I also seem to see he is a better team player then Maas ever was! As you know that can be very important in improving this team!

I give Ritchie a 7 out 10 .

He was told Manage a Game
He did that .
He was put Hole From Armstead's Bone head play.

He no Printers but He played okay
I am fine with him being Our #2 Guy

The most telling thing he did WON'T show up in the stats.

When Jojo Walker was busy flipping out at a bomber DB or LB... Richie grabbed and dragged him to the sidelines, preventing what easily could have been a momentum killing penalty.

8) I think he did an admirable job considering the circumstances !! He shows a lot of potential and once he settles down and gets some more experience I feel he will be an outstanding QB for us down the road !!!

He looks a lot better than our 3rd string QB, that is for sure !!!! Richie is a real team player. There is no doubt about that !!!


That was one of the most brutal interceptions I've seen all year.

Calling it mismanaged would be polite.

Williams played good enouph for the WIN, he cant be blamed for the loss, That has to fall on the H.C,s shoulders, he calls the plays..many that are not very good..Williams will be a star in the CFL, Cant imagin how good he would be on another team,(coaching)IMHO- Williams was above average.

Your Way off here It was Screen pass Called by Coaches.
The Timing was off .
Not Richie's Fault

Above average.

He played better than QB Glenn did on the road in Toonto last week (failed grade).

Better than Bishop played in BC three weeks ago (failed grade).

You know I was watching Glenns (average)face when we were putting pressure on him ,he looked no better than Richie.

Richie missed open people ,ya, he doesn't have the cool to see the field ...yet......

Average ,gets boosted to above average when it's your first start on the road in the windy confines of Canadair stadium.

You got it. A lot of first string QBs have looked bad in Peg this year. Being his first start you have to like this guy and his cool under fire. :thup:

Did the coach throw the ball over he head of the RB?

Did the coach throw the ball into the hands of a defender on the 5 yard line?

I think the coach would have thrown a better pass, either into the recever's hands who was mere yards away, or out of bounds if he wasn't open.

Caoch's fault? Not a chance,

6/10 for his first start of the season. The team was in it right up to the end which is more than I could say for most of the games this year and he gets credit for that.

An Argo-Cat fan


His first start. He was okay at times and brutal at other times. I can live with him as a backup I think. He is learning still and I think there is room for improvement but for a first start on a deadbeat team, I give him a thumbs up overall. The interception was brutal, his poise to stand in there and buy time when he needs it is commendable. he looks prepared to do what it takes to last in this league.


The deep ball to Armstead late was outstanding but its too bad we couldn't do more with it after that.

If they would of let him throw the ball more on first down he would of been more successful.

Wiliams showed he could run an offence. I give him a 7/10.

He got first downs distributing the ball with short passes, and with handoffs to the RB's. And the passing TD to Dickerson was nice.

The Bolden interception was just miscommunication between Williams and Caulley. It happens when two new starters are plugged into the lineup at the same time.

The windy conditions in Winnipeg prevented both QB's from going deep, but Williams' ball to Armstead late in the game was a beauty.

It would have been nice to see Williams run more.

All in all, Williams proved that he is capable of moving our offence if Printers goes down in the future.

He will only get better by watching Printers play and learning from him.