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These Chicago fans are just full of class.

Damn Flatlanders...there's a joke that us Wisconsinites like to tell:

Q: What's teh difference between a Cheesehead and a d**khead?

A: The Illinois State Line

hahaha man thats awful, funny, i wouldnt have the balls to do something that arrogant tho.

yeah, that's pretty bad ...

Here I was, non-committal and not really caring about who won. Then i saw that sign. All I can say now is:
What a disgusting lack of class by that Bears fan.

I agree...
That sign is in very bad taste!

While not tasteful, I laughed.

Drunken b**b!

Bwahahahaha that sign is awesome. Rude, but awesome.

I think it's safe to say that it serves those fans right that their team lost today ...

Good post CanucKev, funny how karma has a way of "biting you" back!

The joke is on them, we all will be paying for Katrina for years.

as opposed to what? letting just the new orleans people to pay for it??

i'm pretty sure that guys name just got added to Bush's AXIS-OF-EVIL!! :twisted:!!!

Meh.. just send the guy to Gitmo and get it over with. Unless Dubbya decides to put him as one of the new higher-ups of FEMA if the GOP gets in again in 2008. :roll: