Rate the trade!

Rate this trade from 1-5 on my poll (5=highest, 1=lowest).

I rated it a 2, and if you look at my explainations next to each option you will see why.

However I do like this trade and don't think my selection of 2/5 means I don't. Its just how I thought people could best organize their thoughts on this trade in the form of a poll.

I don't think the comments beside the rankings make sense. If I thing on a scale of 5 the trade was a 4 out of 5 according to the comments I also think the Cats are going to make the playoffs.

I don't think the two have to be tied together. I think the trade had to be done unfortunately. We give up Corey who was underacheiving in Hamilton for Jason Armstead who was underacheiving in Sask. The only difference is Corey is thrilled to go, i'm not so sure if Jason feels the same way.

I picked option # 5 but realized it should of been # 3. I don't know if (1) individual can help us get in the playoffs but do think that he'll be a contributor. I don't think we still have the blocking tactics in place to support a run-back all the way. Even if Gizmo Williams in his prime will make a difference? How long has it been since we had a touchdown from a kick-off or punt return? I'm thinking all the way back to perahps Archie Amerson?

On the office is where I think he'll make an impact - hopefully. I wish we could of used Corey Holmes alot more in our offense and he's a very dynamic player if used properly. Our offence obviously wasn't structured to use his skills. He was a good team player and very unselfish. I wish Corey all the best and pass on my good luck to Jason.

This doesn't make any sense. What if I think the trade makes us better but doesnt necessarily gets us in the playoffs or GC?

How long has it been since we had a touchdown from a kick-off or punt return?
How SOON we forget Kahlil(sp?) "the Thrill" Hill ...

As far as this TRADE is concerned ... In MY books it is a 4 ... BUT I don't think it has ANY bearing on whether we make the Playoffs or not.

It was a GREAT TRADE because we got a PROVEN TALENT at the WR spot for, ESSENTIALLY, a couple SPARE PARTS.

Getzlaf hadn't even played a game for us, and, as HAS BEEN pointed out by EVERYBODY with eyes, Corey Holmes was NOT PRODUCING in Black and Gold. (for whatever reasons).

Armstead has BIG PLAY PEDIGREE ... he is a KNOWN commodity who INSTANTLY IMPROVES this Offensive Unit.

As far as LOSING Canadian Talent ... this was simply Marcel TAKING ADVANTAGE of the WEALTH of it at the Receiver position. With Ralph, French, and Bauman remaining on the Roster there is no WORRY of being HAUNTED ... cuz Getzlaf wasn't PLAYING anytime soon here.

Although a BLOCKBUSTER it may not be ... the trade was still a SIGNIFICANT acquisition. One that, in my OPINION, goes a LONG way toward paving FUTURE SUCCESS for this team.


Sorry. but the last return TD wasnt The Thrill If I can recall correctly wasnt it "DaVon Fowlkes"

The Riders and The Eskies are only good or better because they have our team.
I know the GM said he was going to clean house but this is ridiculous.
Watch out fans, we are on the trading block too!!!

How about “0” - we will probably ship him back to where he came from before the season is over for nobody.

I rated this as a 1 based on the comments. This trade has nothing to do with the Cats making the playoffs this year so any reference to that makes that option a non-starter. The fact is that any trade made from this point on needs to be about the future and I believe we gave a chunk of that away for very little upgrade in the present

Yeast had several in the couple years we had him. At least from what I've heard from Sask fans is that Armstead is much like Yeast, which I think is a good thing but many do not.

As long as Armstead doesn't have "alligator arms", then I'll be happy comparing him to Yease. While I do not like Yeast's play, I always respected his talent.