Rate THe Team!

How would you rate some positions on the riders mine would be

RB: A-
WR: B+
ST: A-
K/P: D+
O Line: A+
D Line: A

I pretty much agree, except at QB. I would go C-, mainly cause Joseph hasnt played a game for Sask yet, so the jury is still out on just how he will do.

C-? Come on! I agree on what you say about him not starting a game yet but based on his previous stats he would be at LEAST a B IMO.

hmmm WR cannot be a B. we are probably the weakest team in the league in that area. at least until we see what Armstead and Dominguez can do. as of the end of last year we were definitely the worst. RB can only be A- because KJ is also a threat to run. one injury to KK and our running game is in big trouble.

ST: A-
K/P: C-
O Line: A+
D Line: A (A+ if they sign Joe Montford)

I dunno If KJ deserves an A... or our wide recievers maybe a B+ for them. but the rest i think is good.

I think that once you put Joseph behind a decent OL you will find that your rating at QB were underrated. Don't forget he came with his receiver bud. Whether that affects Dominguez if something else. Shades of Roberts? Hey! a few more days and it will all unfold. Thanks for the football season!

QB-7(Joseph still hasn't played a full year),RB-6.5(Keith injuries??,Szarka dissappeared last year)WR-8.5(Armstead with Dominques),OL-9(Awesome),DL-8(higher if healthy),LBs(7 weakest spot since losing White to Calgary),DBs-8.5(based on experience),Spec.Teams-3(no proven punter or kicker and losing Holmes is Huge!! Coaching-7(losing faith in Danny).OVERALL-Roughies basically gave Hamilton the Cup,HOLMES LEAGUE MVP FOR2006 SEASON and will probably lead them to the cup

Gave Hamilton the cup? wow are you on crack! holmes give the Tabbies a good special teams guy and add some depth to the offece, but he isnt even going to be the featured back. he wasnt even really the featured back for the riders.

the riders have some questions in the kicking department, returners are fine armstead is a better kick returner than holmes and DD will handle the punt returns just fine.

QB B+ (best running QB in the league, now he wil have time to throw)
RB A (KK leads the cast with 2 good FBs and DD is ready to step up too)
WR B+ (could have been an A if fantuz is in the lineup early)
ST A (lost the best punt returner but improved on kick return)
K/P c (huge question mark)
O line A+
D line A
C B+ (barrett is playing for his job, no excuses left. defence will be great, Offence better answer the call)

overall i give the Riders a B, with a few question marks that could make them an A.

QB: A- (KJ not the absolute best in the league, but is definately very good)
RB: B (would give it an A if I wasn't concerned about an injury to KK)
WR: A (I am very optimistic that the receivers will have a great season this year)
ST: B- (no proven punter, positioning of punts may be a problem, average cover team)
K/P: C- (lacking experience, keeping fingers crossed someone will come through)
O Line: A+ (simply the best)
D Line: A- (worried about injuries to big nate, jurineak, A if they sign Montford)

IF KJ gets injured , Crandell is a decent QB, but who do we have after that? Butler? Durant? You have to rate ALL the QBs not just one.

If thats the case then you would have to rate everyone in the CFL poorly because no one has that good of a third stringer or are usually pretty raw. Take calgary for example of edmonton, both have good starters but i guess they get a bad grade because of their third stringers, doesnt make any sense. Sask has a good one two punch.

That is not necessarily the case. Look at the dline, and the five we have plus the backup. If we get Montford then that means you have Montford, Jurineack, Davis , Schultz, LeFall and Perry. How would rate that line?

sambo i would rate the above "D" line as UNSTOPPABLE or the envy of the league or Ron Estay's dream "D" line. Could you imagine the stats that our "D" would put up with Montford as a Rider .............wow..........GO RIDERS