Rate the recievers

We’re almost there...in the meantime, I would like your insight on the best
recievers in the league. Top five, ten, whatever. Also, who do you think might
have a breakout year?

Tie for first...too hard to call....

  1. Brandon Banks, Bryan Burnham
  2. Reggie Begelton
  3. Eric Rogers
  4. Greg Ellingson
  5. B.J. Cunningham
  6. Shaq. Evans
  7. Eugene Lewis
  8. Armanti Edwards
  9. Bralon Addison

Breakout season - Jake Wieneke,

starts with


Green, as in SJ Green? Good call on Walker. Forgot about him.

yes. SJ Green

You heard it here first . Breakout year receiver = Jaelon Acklin . The guy is a younger version of Greg Ellingson .

He had an outstanding rookie campaign in 2019 snagging 58 receptions for 708 yds for a 12.2 yd avg and 3 tds .

Sorry just my opinion and nothing against Jake Wieneke as he was a well deserved ROY finalist in 2019 but I actually thought that the nomination really should've gone to Acklin .

I like him too. He as a bright future.

It occurred to me that I have no Bombers on my list. Who is their best receiver?
Old age and a cancelled season have had an effect on my memory.
Is that Lucky Whitehead fella still around? He was exciting to watch.