Rate the quarterbacks

they might get better if they work more on their cores :slight_smile:

I only pretend to be smart.

Can you fix my damaged ego as well?

Sorry that's above my pay grade :slightly_smiling_face:

But I'd worry not; you're a good Als' fan so a good guy in my books.

Fixed....thank you.


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Adams jr

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Adams and Bethel over Fajardo. Gutsy call.

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Always like Adams, and I think bethel is going to have a great yr. He is due. And for the record i am a cat fan.

Your cats are due as well. They might go all the way.

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Not sure why so many putting Harris so low??

Maybe he’s not flashy enough. Not great in playoffs. Plays on the wrong teams.
He is capable though.

Just one guy I think put him low. Harris would be ahead of Reilly, Adams Jr, Bethel Thompson, Nicols, Arbuckle

I find he plays the game like Ricky Ray but has not taken the next step up yet when it comes to finishing with a Grey Cup in his hand .

Very capable but needs a good OC to take control when the defence takes away the initial game plan .

Maybe it's his coaches who fail to adapt and change it up . Not sure how much is on him .


Agreed. I’ve seen him play in Ottawa for years, on a good team, with good coaches, and a decent receiving CORPS. He was very good. It’s hard to put my finger on why he doesn’t impress me.


As I read somewhere earlier
First year starting QB's (2019)
All did well, but, Teams will have tons of film on them now!
Fajardo, VAJ and Evans will at least have the same OC to work with

That’s true. Adams ability to scramble and turn broken plays is an advantage.
He’s athletic and slippery.

Everyone or at least me like a under dog and the ownerless 2019 Als playing all out with VAJ scrambling around making plays was what the doctor ordered .

His leadership and Khari Jones getting the guys to buy into playing all out was an unexpected surprise .

It does make it harder for opposing coaches to watch game film and devise a strategy to stop him. Hopefully he can recreate some of that magic, but it’s never something to be counted on.

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Fajardo has Jason Maas this year replacing Mcadoo.

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