Rate the quarterbacks

From first to last, backups if you like, reasons why encouraged. Go.

  1. Bo
  2. Reilly
  3. Evans/Masoli
  4. Collaros
  5. Fajardo
  6. Adams Jr
  7. Harris
  8. Arbuckle
  9. Bethel something something
  10. Nichols

Judging by the 2019 season then you would have to put Reilly near the bottom and Nicols further up, especially ahead of BT

Good point, but I think Reilly had no protection and is a better passer. Nicols doesn’t impress me. My dad is a Bomber fan and was glad when he left. I think BT
has potential, as well as Arbuckle and Adams Jr.

  1. Mitchell
    Best combination of mobility/passing of the league. He's helped by his team but he's the guy that lead mostly everything.

  2. Reilly
    Better mobility than Mitchell but slightly lower for passing, Reilly still rocks the CFL despite a mediocre OLine in 2019.

  3. Masoli/Evans
    A lot of similarities with Reilly, but Masoli still has less experience and, in my opinion, is more vulnerable to injuries. Evans, altough less mobile than Masoli, would still be at #3 if he was the starter.

  4. Harris
    Second best at passing behind Mitchell in my opinion, Harris doen't make the top 3 because of his lack of mobility and physical play, where Masoli and Reilly can succeed. Still a great passer when he's in his world, mostly when paired to Ellingson.

  5. Adams Jr
    Adams Jr was very lucky in 2019 but still, it's part of the game. He improved a lot and showed good things, mostly his improvisation and his mobility. He still lacks some technique for passing, but it can be improved with training. A style mostly identical of Cody Fajardo, but maybe with better athletic abilities (Montreal Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr. catches TD pass from WR Eugene Lewis vs. Eskimos 7/20/19 - YouTube)

  6. Fajardo
    Same as Adams Jr

  7. Collaros
    A good pocket passer, maybe in the top 3 of this genre, but too vulnerable. His success with Winnipeg where possible in part because of the double qb strategy with Streveler. Will he be able to hold 14 games? Hopefully yes, for his health.

  8. Nichols
    Nichols was a good qb, but that's it. No big mistakes but nothing spectacular. A bad fantasy investment despite his victories. Being a good qb was enough to win games with Winnipeg, but I doubt it will work with Ottawa.

  9. MacBeth
    MacBeth is a good backup. He showed some good things in 2019 as a pocket passer, but his lack of mobility is more handicapping than Collaros or Harris. He's not a qb that can bring a team to the championship.

  10. Arbuckle
    Arbuckle is here par défaut. He showed a lot of good thing as Mitchell's backup but I don't think he has proven enough to be a starter. Of course, Arbuckle's athletic skills will surely bring him higher, but for now, I can't put him elsewhere.

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Forgot about Masoli. I’d put him right where you did. In fact, I will.

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Our lists are similar, and I agree with all your points, only I think Arbuckle can be a starter. It won’t be as easy in T.O. for sure. Ottawa should’ve kept him. Harris
is good in the regular season, but not the playoffs. I’ll rank him higher if he does.

Can't argue with that list except Nichols when healthy can manage a good game . He is like Harris with not getting it done during the playoffs .

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Not a great receiver core to work with in Ottawa either.

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now for something different


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Vernon Adams Jr?

didnt make my top ten

Ouch. Not a fan eh?

nothing personal to him. Just dont cheer for Montreal at all. When a player stands out for a long time like AC did, then one has to acknowledge him. Maybe if and when VA proves himself in the longer run, I might grudgingly rate him higher :slight_smile:

Could be another 2014 with the receivers . They will be hard pressed to find guys with all the restrictions .

In all honesty, I probably ranked him a little high due to my bias. Unproven, yes.
Potential, absolutely.

Very true.

Possible same for me with Reilly. Hoping 2019 was just a total team faillure.

He’s up there on my list. Last season wasn’t his fault. A smart QB with a good arm.

Fixed it for ya!

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