Rate the QBs

taking into account 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and this half season of 2007, rate the QB's of the CFL ( 100 being perfect ).

this thread seems to be off to a slow start, so ill post mine:

Ricky Ray -----------94
Anthony Calvillo----92
Dave Dickenson----92
Kevin Glenn---------90
Kerry Joseph--------89
Henry Burris---------88
*Casey Printers-----86
Buck Pierce----------84
Damon Allen---------80
Jason Maas----------78
Marcus Crandell----75
Jarious Jackson-----74
Rocky Butler---------73
Marcus Brady--------72
Timmy Chang--------65

  • Casey Printers rating is the rating i gave him from '05

too much work.

I will wait for the movie.

i just posted mine...maybe people can look at mine, critisize then post thier own...or just bash me for one of my rankings...lol

  1. Ray
  2. Glenn
  3. Joseph
  4. Burris
  5. Dickenson
  6. Printers
  7. Calvillo
  8. Bishop
  9. Pierce
  10. Jackson
  11. Allen
  12. Crandell
  13. Maas
  14. Brady
  15. Butler
  16. Williams
  17. Smith
  18. Chang
  19. Banks
  20. Kingsbury

Who the hell is Kingsbury??

Good ratings DG, no argument with you on those

kings is a blue and gold back up

all right steel town but u gotta put glenn ahead of ray

Over the last 5 seasons? I dont think so

o no not over five seasons but if you were talking now he would be #1

But dg's thread does take into account the last 5 seasons

eer how's DD #4?? this is based on what? if this is based on statistic shouldn't dickenson be #1 or 2? in the games he did play while not injuried for the last 5 cfl season not including this one his QB rating is 110+... none of the other ones are even close. how you put burris and glenn infront of dickenson completely mystifies me... based on this season only looks more like...

I am going to ignore stats and formulas and just put them in the order that I would want them on my team. I consider injury prone, playing style and what little I know about their character, and age. as important factors, pro and con.

The starters:

  1. Joseph (style and effectiveness outweighs age)
  2. Glenn (beleived in him before most bomber fans)
  3. Burris (he gets it done, and shows the most heart)
  4. Ray (Cant ignore how well he usually performs)
  5. Pierce (if he stays healthy, can be a league leader)
  6. Calvillo (getting old, but can still a proven performer)
  7. Jackson (finally shining, 5 yrs younger and he could become a star)
  8. Bishop (got the tools to do great, doesnt always click on all cylynders)
  9. Printers (got the tools to excell, brings baggage)
  10. Dickenson (smartest QB, skills slipping, to injury prone, should retire)
  11. Maas (remains to be seen, did he take Ham down, or did Ham take him down)

the backups:

  1. Brady {pick em)
  2. Butler (any given day each can excell or not]
  3. Crandell (all can be reliable bkup most of the time)
  4. Williams (shows good promise, like his style and enthusiasm)
  5. Allen (his day is done, but experience and success counts forsomething)
  6. Banks (I like him, still waiting for him to get it done)
  7. Dinwiddie (Showed promise the one time I saw him)
  8. Smith (same as Dinwiddie, I think)
  9. Chang (no good in ham, yet)

The rest I dont think I ever saw play yet.

C'mon, for real?

For real.


over the last five seasons Glenn shouldnt be to high on the charts, i could list all kinds of excuses for him but the reaity of it is that Glenn should be middle of the pack for the last five seasons with Ray calvio dav dick and damon allen all being ahead of him.

1 Dickenson
2 Pierce
3 Jackson
4 Glenn
the rest fill out yourself

Last five years?

  1. Dickenson
  2. Calvillo
  3. Ray
  4. Allen
  5. pick em.

Realisticaly, 5 years is a lifetime.
Two years ago Winnipeg fans wanted Glenn run out of town. Now they say he is the greatest in the league.
Two years ago Maas looked like Hamilton's new leader, now he looks like a player past his prime.
Bucky Pierce is the beneficiary of Wally Buono's QB friendly system. Maybe he's good, maybe not.
Up until two years ago, Calvillo looked incredible, now he looks ordinary or less.

dickenson is a good choice, but when u list pierce and jackson, you lose all football credibility. seriously, pierce or jackson dont belone on that list. talk about bias

I thought i was bias....LOL

Nice call boooby!