***RATE the QB's outaa 100***

as i had posted in a diff thread, the CFL is lookin at the possibilty of making a football game.

one thing i've always found intreresting about EA Sports NHL games is how they rank the goalies in the NHL...they rate them outta 100...example: they used to rate Patrick Roy - 96 ( outta 100 ), and curtis joseph 87

so i was wondering how the CFL QB's would be rated in a game using the same method...

heres how i'd rank them:

Ricky Ray ------------96
Anthony Calvillo ---- 96
Damon Allen--------- 93
Dave Dickenson---- 89
Henry Burris-------- 87
Jason Maas--------- 86
Casey Printers------ 86
Kerry Joseph-------- 83
Kevin Glenn---------- 79
Marcus Crandell------74
Nealon Greene--------73

***note: i put Burris above Maas cuz Burris beat Maas in the playoffs last year, and Maas didn't play much this year, while Burris lead his team to 2nd in the west.

Buck Piece

Read absolutely no sarcasm into this statement whatsoever.....I am surprised you would rate Saskatchewan QBs that highly.....I would have thought them much, much lower.....

I'm basically making these ratings based upon how I think they'd be rated in a Madden game.

Ray 98
Calvillo 96
Allen 93
Maas 91
Printers 91
Dickenson 89
Joseph 87
Burris 86
Glenn 84
McManus 82
Bishop 79
Crandell 79
Pierce 77
Johnson 74
Wynn 73
Green 72
and for laughs.....
White 60

Maas 94???Printers 94???....ahead of Allen....thats a joke!

maas has never won or been to a grey cup as a starter...allen won it last year, and is riening MOP....

i know your an eskie fan and have a soft spot for Maas, but try to be objective.

Maybe you're right, I'll change it in a second.

i like how u threw white in there…JUST FOR LAUGHS…i was thinkin of doin the same thing, but i didnt want to ‘tarnish’ my list…lol

To be honest with you, I don't even think he deserves the 60. lol

me neither…lol

I think Burris was a 54 in the Madden Game I had with him in it

Calvillo 96
Dickenson 94
Allen 93
Burris 93
Printers 92
Maas 90
Ray 89
Joseph 87
Glenn 85
Mcmanus 82
Crandell 76
Greene 74

Based off of statistics, especially including effieciency ratings, running ability, and injury proneness.

Burris shouldnt be ahead of printers or maas

Burris wins every category against Printers, including completion %, avg yds/pass, and efficiency rating (this one by 13 points) so that is why I put Burris ahead of Printers. And both (Maas & Printers) were back-up qb's last year so unfortunately they didn't have a chance to show their stuff.

He was also the West All star QB, and the leader of a team that went from 4-14 to 11-7, good enough for 2nd place in the west.

Ricky Ray 97
Casey Printers 97
Dave Dickenson 92
Jason Maas 90
Damon Allen 89
Kevin Eakin 85
Henry Burris 85
Kevin Glenn 80
Kerry Joseph 79
Danny Mcmannus 71
Marcus Crandel 65
Nealon Greene 62
Ted White 40 Accuracy a 10

how would Eakin, a rookie, that had one good game, be ahead of Burris, joseph, or Glenn.

Whatever your opinion, but I dispute it.

exactly what i thought when i looked at his list...Eakin is not even close to Burris at this point in time....perhaps in 2 years or more, but not now.

whose eakin?? :?:

Eakin played for the Ti-cats.

I can't believe everyone is rating Ray has high as they are. I understand he won the grey cup but he had a very mediocre efficiency rating (31 points behind Dickenson and even lower then Kevin Glenn) and he threw a lot of picks (more than anybody in the league and he was tied for fourth in TD passes in the league this year and that is with one of the best receiving cores).

its cuz 3 grey cup visits in 3 seasons as starter, with 2 grey cup rings.
rays been in the grey cup 100% of the seasons hes started.