Rate the cheerleaders

It seems like there are always 4 cheerleaders profiled and is refreshed with 4 new ones everyday? Anyway, here are my ratings on the 4 now:

Shannon - Argo - 10
Sonia - Als - 5
Tara - Renegs - 6
Gina - TiCats - 9

Anyone agree? I rate new ones tomorrow.

anyone remember Chantal?

ummm... this sounds like a perverted area of this site but ill go along with it...
ya i agree with you... and no i dont remember Chantal

[color=darkred]I don't think they change them everyday (the featured profiles... not the cheerleaders).

I remember on the old site, I went to the Cheer choice section once to check 'em all. It was a pretty disappointing experience, for about 4 were nice looking out of about 75. I still remember though that Gina (which is in the current four profiles displayed) had the nicest legs of all. Too bad this pic doesn't show them.

I'm wondering..

Did the Bombers get the idea to have the Blue Lightning posing a la peelers from the movie, "The Replacements"? In that film, the ficticious "No Fun League" franchise hired a couple strippers for their cheerleaders; which lead to an interesting HLA-esque tease to distract the opposing team during one "game".

Okay...Shannon (Argos) is the nice girl next door. Sonia (Als) is Celin Dion frozen in a syncronized swimmers pose. Tara (Rens) is a definate Renegade and Gina (Ti-Cats) has the beauty and positive outlook. Her message to the fans: "Shoot for the Moon because even if you miss, you'll land amoung the stars" is is far more inspiring than my my own which is "Stay away from the moon there's no air." Good one Gina.

Gina, she'sa bootiful, butta she'sa no rocket scientist......if you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll undoubtably drift into subdeep space, more than likely exhausting your critical life support systems well within sight of Mother Earth but totally out of reach given current drive systems and delivery vehicles, bound to drift aimlessly for near eternity your frozen remains will eventually be pulled into some gravitational pool orbit that will decompose over millenia and will see you sucked into the nearest field of attraction only to have your molecules of form disinegrate from massive nuclear radiation......

Hey...you're right RedandWhite ! Holy Sh_t they gotta stop this Gina from filling our heads with crazy ideas. Shooting for the Moon is down right dangerous. The Ti-Cats better talk to her before things get out of hand. Evil Gina.....I knew it! :shock:

I've been to Sudbury, and the only viable locale for a stadium up there in the Canadian Shield is if they expand the one at Laurentian University. In short, I really don't see it happening; although, it'd be comical to see them set up an OUA team up there. For once a team that'd be as bad as the U of T Varsity Blues.. but given the Blues, I doubt it. :lol:

Tarra - Lions - 7
Twyla - Stamps - 9
Kristin - Eskies - 6
Kristin - Riders - 5

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to scroll down to see Robyn. Wow, what a bod.
Robyn - Bombers - 9

Thanks for the response. I'm surprised not a lot of guys chatting about the gals here.
Do you like the two Kristens smile? I don't. Do they make you wanna smile back? Not that Robyn has a nice smile either but I didn't notice when I rated, I was kind of focused on that wow mid-section.

New ones:
Sylvi - Renegs - 7
Shana - Als - 8
Rochelle - Argos - 5
Karla - TiCat - 9

Whoa Karla, what's your email address????

Newfy, This Week I'll Have To Argee With You Completely. I Was Disapointed With The Picture Of Shana, She's A Really Cute Girl Overall But All They Showed Was Her Face.

Last year Gina was like the cover girl for all the Ticat advertising. She was on the brochures, the web site, the newspaper ads...she's even my computer wallpaper. And I don't think she was even the prettiest one (that would be Kate, in my opinion.)

Gina is back with the team this year, and will no doubt figure prominently again in their marketing campaigns; but alas, it appears that Kate is gone.

BigD, from what I've seen, u hamiltonians are lucky to have a great cheering squad

Yeah, we got a new cheerleading coach: the Argos' former head cheerleader Lesley Stewart (who does the weather and traffic on our local TV station's morning show.) I'm disappointed she won't be in uniform this year. :cry:

One thing I'll say for the Argo cheerleading teams that Lesley put together, they were a good-looking bunch. Lesley made a bunch of changes to the Ticats' cheerleaders, and while I'm sad to see Kate gone, I'm looking forward to getting a better look at the squad we'll have this year. :smiley:

Oh, yeah, and the football team, too. :wink:

Lets see.....cute girls.....tight outfits......sexy dance moves......awsome smiles. (and body's).......Who needs to rate? would anyone of us turn them down if they asked us out?????

I think not!! :lol:

Nadia of the Toronto Argonauts is the best in the country !!! I have not seen her profiled on this site, but I get to see her at every game and after the game on the field.

there are guy cheerleaders to ya know, or would that matter to you?