Rate the 2021 season

From A+ (best season ever) to D- (worst thing since Disney took over Star Wars), how would you rate the overall CFL 2021 season?

I would say C+, and it's not because the Alouettes were kicked out early. Most of the games I remember were not that exciting due to the lack of offensive performances from most of the teams. Nobody scored more than 400 points in week 19 in 2021 while five teams scored more than 400 points in week 19 of the 2019 season. There were little suspense except maybe for the first position of the eastern division and the top tier quarterbacks didn't shine.

What saved the season from a lower score were the insane playoffs.


The limitations placed on the schedule due to covid led to too many back to back / three games in a row if that is the excuse they want to use this year.

I would prefer a balanced schedule playing each team at least once in both halves of the season to reduce the impact of injuries and the like on team records

A definite 'A+' for us Bomber fans!!! :smiley: :+1:

Most of the games I remember were not that exciting due to the lack of offensive performances from most of the teams.

Giving that we never had a 2020 season and nearly never had a 2021 season.
Aaand all 5 five finals & ,GC were decided near the end of game or in OT, I will give it a big ole A

A Plus for Winnerpeg.

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From Winnipeg’s point of view an A+.

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A solid B for getting thru it and having the guts to make the Grey Cup December 12th .

A Gutsy move and it ended up saving a horrible regular season that was headed for a D minus as many of the games not all but a large portion were executed poorly . There was a gem here and there but not enough .

The playoffs and the Grey Cup all alone were an A plus .

Hats off to the CFL and Bob Young .

It saved the season for me as a core CFL fan .


No disputing the playoffs were generally excellent. Despite the adaptations made necessary as a result of Covid, arguably the postseason overall was one of the best ever.


Hmmm .. I'll break it down

The fact we had a season: A+
Shortened season: C
Late Season: C

The fact the league alienated people based on vaxx status: F
In game experience: C

Offensive play: D
Defensive play: A
Special teams play: C+
Playoffs: B+

Overall: B-


Special Teams play was amazing this year. Miller set a CFL record for tackles. Dedmon made everyone's jaws drop. Whitehead gave us fits. Grant turned out to be a keeper. Papi was scary as heck. Both Edmonton and Montreal had good return games... maybe the Riders could have done better if they didn't have twenty plus bodies in the infirmary.

Come next season I think the Green and White will have an embarrassment of riches to choose from (just in time to host their own Grey Cup).

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I would give a B+, the fact that we were able to have a season was great and for more than half we were allowed to have 20,000 fans and the last few full capacity. The only complaint is the game has become more defensive similar to what the NFL was which makes for a less exciting game. I don't know why, but I know coaches prefer defensive games, but fans don't.

I would say C+ to a B.
No games last year. Reduced training camp and no preseason.

I didn't find the games as boring or as disappointing as others on the site. I do enjoy defensive games.

I guess I gave the teams and players a bit of a break on expectations this year with all that went on.

Now next year if they get back to full training camp and pre-season, my expectations will be higher.

For the issue for Offenses is the play calling. Defenses know about 75-80% of the plays, the QB is going to 5-7 yards standing in the middle of the backfield.
Yes, there are small changes, but the whole league seems to be playing with a variant of the same offence.

I would say schedule wise… C- or even a D… not enough games between east and west teams… I know Covid and such but thy should make it east v S west teams each team plays in each stadium 9 teams 18 games… sucks didn’t get to see some of the west teams this year.. at home only on the road where as some west teams coming to THF when others did not

It was stellar to me


I'd give it an A
We got a season completed, and its looking like we did it just in time as #'s explode all over.
Lets get her done again next year!



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More like the limits placed on finding TV slots to broadcast games determined the schedule more than any other season.

B a solid B. Despite struggles in the early season and a few weak teams by the time we got to playoffs there was some great football played.

It's been a while since I enjoyed a Grey Cup as much as yesterdays. In a good game there are about 6 plays that determine the outcome. There may have been less than that yeasterday.

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I give it an A just for getting the season going.
A lot of the games seem to highlight more defence then offence so that’s a C+
Seeing fans in the stands and they were excited just to have a season and cheer their teams on so that’s an A+
The Grey Cup day was great and thanks to Hamilton for putting on a great show. A+
That last minute rouge will give CFL fans something to talk for the entire off season. Great publicity for 2022. A+

What I would like to happen for 2022:
A definite direction where we’re heading with the Schooners from league executives.
How to we create a better TV appearance. Thank you TSN for your coverage of the games but try to bring more professionalism to your coverage.
Hopefully this partnership with Genesis will bring more recognition to our great game.

Maybe, I’m overly optimistic, but I’m looking for great things to happen in the CFL for 2022.

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Edmonton did not have a good return game. Struggled all year with bringing the ball out of the end zone and starting from the five

C......In a season Calgary doesn't host a playoff game, you can't rank very high

My mistake. Aside from THAT I thought special team play this year in the CFL was better than a slap in the groin with a wet fish. Soooo an improvement over last year. Four Stars. :smiley: