Rate Team 1040 Hosts

My Vote:

  1. Mac & Rintoul
  2. Pratt & Taylor
  3. Price and Suter
    Best commentator: Tony Gallegar - the guy's hilarious!
    Most intelligent: Rick Ball
    Most annoying: Dan Patrick

You guys hear that next season Lions will be played on Team 1410?

Ya, apparently they will be on there full-time, not just when games conflict with Canuck brodcasts. 1410 is owned by the same company and will go to an all-sports format. The Lions will headline along with the return of Jim Rome. Apparently Finn the Canucks mascot also has a show (I hope that was a joke, cause if not that is brutal). There will also be some sort of Salary Cap show. All in all I think this devalues the Lions brand something that was a driving force for the Lions move from CKNW. Somewhere Bob Ackles is rolling over in his grave.

None of them are worth listening to. And even though Don Taylor is the best in the biz for sports highlights, he too is brutal on the radio.
Now we have a second station, but this one with moronic American chatter? - Jim Rome talks jibberish half of the time for crying out loud.

I can listen to interviews with players or coaches in any sport, but the constant starting of rumours and trying to stir up controversy lost my interest a long time ago.

Now if I can just move closer to the office so that I am subjected to these idiots for less time each day.