Rate Richie's performance.

Keeping in mind the O line and play calling.

He did good.... the o line was goofs...

maybe plane food is worse than train food.

I thought he was mediocre.

A bonehaed foot first slide, a bad interception, weak passes downfield that we were lucky to catch, passing accuracy needs to be better.

Good running.

I would like to see porter play and compare.

I want Pritners to keep getting reps, work out his rust, clean up his fundamentals, and deprogram that robotic style of NFL quarterbacking.

Casey needs to come back, but for how long. he has to start showing some signs.

I didn't think either interception was Williams' fault. On the second one I think he was hit as he threw, which turned the ball into a duck.

Agree with you about the short slide.

I think Williams will be great eventually, but I still think Printers should be our starter.

I think it was his fault.

On the throw, he stepped back, not forward , a huge no no. Also, there were three defenders right around the receiver. Very bad choice.

Me too. I thought he played very well moving around in the pocket and completing almost every pass where he wasn't hit.

His style might fit the Ticats better than Printers'. Mind you, Printers' style is "quarterback of a competent football team".

That's because the defense was giving him all those short passes on 2nd down that resulted in punts.

That's good defence and bad offense.

he needs to make the first down and THEN slide.

Strange game. Williams made a few mental errors but seemed to move the ball more effectively than Printers has in past weeks.

Hard to gauge his performance, cause for the last 10 minutes, the Als played the most relaxed zone defense that Ive ever seen.

As far as Williams protection, well I guess the O Line wasn't great but I don't think that they were as bad as alot of posters are saying. Like Casey has this season, Williams looked impatient and jumpy at times. That would tell me that theb receivers aren't doing a great job at getting open or modifying their routes to fit the roll out or scramble.

Yup, that's how you play a prevent defence. Having the luxury of a significant lead allowed them to kill the clock defensively.

And boy was Richie ever taking his time with the clock winding down. No hurry up offence, not even a sense of urgency as I watched the clock tick down. Brutal.

Captain We Havent got the Coaching. we cant do it If we Havent got the Coaching, .Conceeding 4 points. No hurry up O. We got the Players Captain But we need More Coaching.

You don't think Richie wuld know enough to hurry? It's a basic for any QB.

Ritchie looks good,like a rookie though he slid a bit early and then when this was pointed out by the coaches I presume he went too far when running and took a pile a hits.....
Like Waylon Jennings sang ...."Aint livin long like this"
Get down Ritchie.

Richie's performance was mediocre at best... he looked for his first receiver and when it wasnt there he took off... thats not quarterbacking, its glorified a running back.

Last night proved that the system is brutal, our playcalling is bad and we dont take enough shots down the field, we threw 3 deep balls and 2 were caught, 1 drew a penalty.

Printers starts from here on in because Williams is exactly what he is, a backup QB.

I thought Richie played good, there were plays were he held onto the ball way too long like on a play before the half where we picked up a heavy safety blitz but for what ever reason Richie didn't throw the ball.

I think Casey should have a shorter leash now, at times Williams kind of reminded me of Toni Romo lol.