Rasta Ricky [boosts] CFL


London Free Press Thu, December 4, 2008


I like comments like these by Ricky Williams

"The first reaction (of some people) is that it is an inferior league. Not true.

Players are smaller and quicker. It’s a different game.

and this
"Each town up there, when they would go to the games, they were true fans.

Sometimes in Miami the fans only show up when you are winning.

But when you go to places like Hamilton,

Regina and Calgary, they are huge football fans.

“It was refreshing.”

"In America, at times you are frowned upon if you try to be an individual.

In Canada, you are allowed to be that. I don’t always fit in (everywhere) so I liked that."

and I like to see the much maligned and misunderstood
shy gentleman that Ricky Williams really is…happy.
Williams recounted yesterday how much he loved the anonymity of living and playing in Canada in 2006 as a member of the Argos.

He fondly remembered walking to his favourite tofu restaurant on Bloor Street,

then added how fun it was to play for Pinball Clemons.

So much so, in fact, that he would not rule out coming back to the CFL.

“If I had the opportunity and it worked
for my family, I’d definitely jump at (it),”

said Williams, admitting he and Cynamon
joked about it over supper recently.

"Playing, coaching, whatever.

Good for Ricky ..

It's good to see him get his career back on track in Miami.

An Argo-Cat fan