Rassouli and Murphy

I am sick of all these Riders fans, coaches and media ripping Rassouli and Murphy. Shultz never got hurt and wasn't going to get hurt unless you count his feelings. Believe me, Rassouli wasn't trying to hurt him nor was Murphy going to hurt the dorkhead he was sitting on. It was like facewashing in the NHL. Agitation and intimidation is all that crap is. It doesn't mean anything. So what if these guys eye gouge, tittie twister, spit on each other and call each other names once in awhile in the trenches and piles? Every team does it and it is football for goodness sake.

The late throw down of Paris Jackson out of bounds was way worse in my opinion because a guy can get really hurt that way. Same with Geroy Simon getting face masked and landing on his head after catching the ball. Flagarent plays where a guy can blow a knee or break his back is way worse than giving a couple of playful kidney shots for show. But you know what? Geroy and Paris got up and trotted back on to field without saying a thing while Autin acted like a mother hen on the sidelines as Shultz went running for cover.

Maybe the Riders wouldn't suck so much if they could do the same but after hearing about Tillman and Austin crying like a couple of suckholes after the game I doubt that will happen.

You didn't hear Wally whining about the sickening plays on his star receivers did you? All he said was what happens on the field stays on the field.

Thats why we're the champs and the riders are the chumps.

"We were challenged. They guaranteed a win. That's enough juice for me to run on and all the extra things just added fuel to the fire. They're going to continue to bitch about us and continue to be crybabies. That's all right. We got the win and first place."

-Jason Jiminez

Not bad for your first post. I see get the whining out of the way good way to do it.

Rule 7, section 2, article 2 clearly states that if a player throws a punch or kicks someone, it is a penalty that is to be penalized by disqualification. No one who saw the play can say Ras was not punching and kneeing Schultz. Should have been gone. Period.

Re the Paris Jackson incident, you are right, the Rider guy should have gotten a 15 yard penalty for roughing.

And as far as Shultz running for cover, grow up. He had to be forced off the field and held back from beating the crap out of Rasouli. If you're going to post, at least use some level of intelligence and honesty.

I agree with you BigU, Rassouli should have been kicked out of the game not Rogers. And the fact alot of calls were not made aswell as some questionable ones Iam wondering if the refs were just letting them play. But hey its football expect to have some roughness aslong as its with in reason.

A lot of stuff happened in that pile-up from both teams. Don't think the Lions O-Linemen loved having three Sask D sitting on top of Jarious and pushing him further into the ground, not getting off.

We're missing two QB's already, we didn't need another to go down. Love the attitude of the Lions O-Line. Wouldn't have seen this from them years ago. God Bless Rob Murphy and crew.

Murphy for mayor!

Lions rallied after scuffle

Darrell Davis Leader-Post

Sunday, September 23, 2007

B.C. Lions guard Sherko Haji-Rasouli had been asked several times to recount his role in a fracas during Saturday's CFL game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Did he expect to hear from the league, too?

"Yeah, I hope they send me a bonus for good entertainment,'' said Haji-Rasouli, stifling a chuckle while sitting inside B.C.'s dressing room following a 37-34 victory over the Roughriders at Mosaic Stadium.

Haji-Rasouli was one of the main participants in the set-to. It started late in the second quarter when Lions quarterback Jarious Jackson was at the bottom of a pileup and his teammates became incensed as the Roughriders defenders tried to take away the football. Saskatchewan was winning 24-15, but the incident seemed to be a galvanizing moment for the Lions, who rallied for a victory with a late-game touchdown pass from Jackson to Geroy Simon.

"There was a fumble, I went for the pileup and I saw Number 96 (Scott Schultz) and Number 97 (John Chick) under there,'' said Lions tackle Rob Murphy. "The whistle had blown and 97 was still twisting on our quarterback. It's not going to fly.

"I threw him off the pile and held him down because he was trying to get back into the mix.''

Murphy evidently was holding Chick's facemask at the time. Meanwhile, as elbows and knees were being exchanged, Haji-Rasouli was ripping off Schultz's helmet.

"I don't know what I did,'' said Haji-Rasouli. "I don't know whose helmet it was. I just grabbed onto whatever I could and pulled, basically. In the heat of the situation, we had to let the other team know we're protecting our quarterback.''

Enraged, Schultz tried to get at Haji-Rasouli.

"He did take my helmet,'' said Schultz. "I was just fighting for a football on the bottom of a pile. Real classy guys over there.

"Whatever they say. Losing sucks. They played better than us. It was a typical pile. We'll leave it to the certain right people to get things sorted out in the proper way. I didn't punch at him. I shoved or pushed at somebody. That's just emotions. After you're getting kicked in the head a little, I don't know what guy wouldn't. But you've got to have better composure than that. I'm some kind of leader, so I've got to hold it together for the team.''

Schultz and Murphy were each penalized 15 years for unnecessary roughness. Haji-Rasouli wasn't penalized. Lions receiver Corey Rodgers was ejected and assessed a 25-yard penalty for rough play. CFL officials will likely review the incident; they can assess further penalties.

"I saw one of the Saskatchewan guys jump on (Jackson), so I ran in to protect him,'' said Rodgers. "I was pulling guys off to make sure he was OK. The officials told me to go to the sidelines. That's what I did. Five minutes later they made their decisions and I found out I was ejected. I asked what I did, but they never gave me a response.

"For them to throw me out of the game was a little unfair. I felt like I let my team down, but we won and I'm happy about that.''

I feel bad for Rodgers, he did nothing wrong in the whole thing.

They definitely ejected the wrong guy. I suspect Rasouli will get one game. And if I was him, I would accept and take it asap. Don't want it to close to end of the season....through appeals and what not, might go into a play off game then.

It was no big deal what Rasoulli did. Fine him $500 and get on with the season. I'll agree that he should have been booted but Rogers shouldn't have. Cripes, Sask makes such a big deal out of losing. If we suspend Rasoulli because the refs missed a call then we should suspend about 8 others including lots of Riders that game as well. No one got hurt, it didn't affect the outcome and I think Tillman and Austin are just sour grapes about the loss and should act more mature in this situation. Its NOT good for league to have such negativity about the refs.

I still don't hear any Riders fans bringing up those two dirty plays on Simon and Paris Jackson. Should we suspend them because the refs never caught it.

I'll throw the rule back at you:
A player shall be disqualified from the game, and substitution permitted, for
any act of serious misconduct, including but not limited to:
(a) Rough Play against an opponent

Simon was facemasked and his head was piledriven into the turf? Hmmm... sounds like rough play to me.


  1. You are saying that throwing punches and kneeing someone in the head is no big deal? It was done deliberately and was outside of the normal play.

  2. Several fans have acknowledged that the play on Jackson should have been penalized 15 yards but as it was part of the follow through so there is no disqualification.

  3. what facemask on Simon? Maybe I was doing something else, but I didn't see it or hear anything about it. When did it happen?

If Rasoulli doesnt get a suspension for what he did, it would be a travesty. How can anyone of you say what he did wasnt a big deal? He clearly pucnhed him 4 times, and kneed him while he was on the ground once. then ripped his helmet off and threw it… what AJ Gass did was less than this, so the league better follow its earlier decision, and hand down a 1 or 2 game suspension.
“Meat-heads” like Rasoulli just add to the reputation of the CFL being a big joke.

The disturbing part of this is I think you actually believe what you said. Are you that blind to see (or admit) that what Haji-Rasouli did was beyond the give and take toughness of a good football game?!? He's a goon and a thug, plain and simple. I've lost all respect for an organization that seems to condone this kind of bu!!sh!t. Hopefully Wally will shows us he's a man, and punish the idiot internally.

For what protectin their QB. I do not know if you noticed but they are down a few QB's to begin with. So much for the league protecting the QB's. JJ was clearly on his back with the ball should have been whistled dead right there. Then a rider player pulls the ball out and the scrum occurs. I feel the Lions players were justified in protecting their QB.

I trust you're just trying to get a rise out of me, but I'll respond anyway. Try looking at the tape. JJ was fighting our guy for the ball. Just because it's a QB diving for a loose ball, everyone else has to back off?

Hmm seems to me when he made contact with the ground he had the ball. Heck I could be wrong. But it looks like he is on his back with the ball secured and the rider players jumpin and they try stripping it.

Not sure what happened to my previous post, but I asked you to clarify - do think Haji-Rasouli deserves to be suspended?

JJ fumbled the ball and that is why a couple of Riders jumped on him. They were going for the ball.

If the Lions players take exception to them jumping on their QB, I can understand that. Things happen fast when you are on the field and I can understand the Lion's players "sticking up" for JJ.

To that end, what Murphy and Chick did was not that horrific. There could be a penalty for pulling Murphy’s helmet off, with the headlock, but overall not much happened with those two.

What Rassouli did, however, was a cheap shot and cowardly. (Several cheap shots TBH.) He should have been kicked out of the game and he should be given a one game suspension. There is NO place in football for that kind of garbage. I have 0 respect for that kind of crap.

Well after watching the video supplied by Ro I think a suspension or fine is necessary.