Rarely Called Penalties

In the SSK/TOR game today, just before the half one was called on SSK, defending a FG attempt by TOR:
It's a 5-yd penalty for using another player's body or the goalpost in any way to gain elevation in an attempt to block a FG or convert. It's a rare call, but there's another one in the book that I can't recall ever being flagged, although the infraction occurs regularly on QB sneaks and short running plays near the goal-line:
It's illegal to assist the forward progress of a ball carrier by providing impetus
from behind or in front of the ball carrier. It's a 10-yarder.

What about off sides during a kick off. Often I swear I see some of the kicking teams players slightly ahead of the kicker as he's striding into the kick. Aren't they supposed to be behind him in line (and I don't mean all of them lined up single file behind him)?

but that would be so much fun :wink:

Saskatchewan would defintely have an advantage with Luci Conga. :lol:

That's a VERY silly line. :slight_smile:

Do you remmeber a home game were they called Earl Winfield for a 10 yrd uniform penalty? I cant recall if it was for his shirt not tuck in or it was a white towel hanging from his belt. :roll: :roll:

Don't recall that. But, you bring up a subject that the league has just plain given up on over recent years. There were rules about white socks and the height of them, about pants covering the knees, and about shirts tucked in (not cut off). Players wearing coloured visors had to provide medical proof of eye problems requiring them. If any those rules still exist, they're completely ignored by the league. Did anyone notice Bruce III, a couple of games ago, with some kind of stocking statement .... several inches of something white immediately below his black pants, over his knees, then a long stretch of black sock, and a very, very, short white sock above the shoes? The CFL has accepted, if not adopted, an unprofessional look.

what's the rule on kick offs in relation to the kicker?
During an on-side kick , the kicker will plant his no kicking foot 12" or more over the line of scimage in order to angle the ball to one of the sidel;ines.
Is that not off-side?

I want to see less and less of the striped shirt guys throwing flags. They ruin good football games. I hate when they call the unsportsman like penalty when a couple of 280 pounders in pad push each other. Invariably only one gets the call. Usually the one that retaliates. This is football and boys will be boys, al long as it is not serious fighting just break it up and move on.