Rare Jim Popp Interview ( 14 minutes)

Listen to Jim commenting on the Als draft. I had made a longer post but it got eaten. This forum is going to Shiiiat…

[url=http://www.corussports.com/football/ils_obtiendront_tous_chance-20090503-1542821.html]http://www.corussports.com/football/ils ... 42821.html[/url]

Thank you Jim. Wish you did this more often. :thup:

Thanks very much for posting this.
What immediately comes across is the Als drafting for need - long snapper, special teams help - rather than necessarily the best player available.
Is this a change from the previous strategy of drafting the best player available regardless of position, or have they always done this?
The Popp interview also brings to mind the frustration of his not talking to Zurkowsky, everything is filtered through Marcel Desjardins. Nothing personal against Marcel, but I would prefer to hear
directly from Popp. I think it`s about time the feud ended.