Raptors Tix Price Comparison

Lots of posters are complaining about a possible price increase or 2008. BY has said this will likely apply primarily to the best IWS seats and not neccesarily across the board. For comparison purposes, there has been a story running in Toronto earlier this week about a Raptors fan who had 2 courtside season's tix. He was ticked off because MLSE put a row of seats in front of his for this season. His two tix last season cost him $120,000!!! $30,000 for a one-time seat license and $90,000 for the tix. MLSE wants 80% more from him to be able to move up one row. MLSE gouges, BY does not.

Now no one wants to pay more for tix or anything else for that matter. And of course, it would be great if the team was more competitive. But CFL tix are still one of the best bargains around and will continue to be even with a modest increase. And remember, it does cost more each year to do business (salaries, rent, advertising, hotels, plane tix, training camp, and hopefully better players). You're paying more today for gas, rent, a burger at Macdonalds, etc. than you were a year ago. It's the same with the cost of entertainment.

As dismal as the past few seasons have been, we can all see that the pieces are gradually being put in place for a good team. A spot in the 2008 playoffs and no one will be talking about the price of tix.

An Argo-Cat fan

The only price for Raps tickets i could find was $855 for their cheapest seats (im assuming) which equals $20.55 per game.

Our endzone seats which are not reserved and general admission are currently $18.80 per game and about to go up.

Anyone who has been to a Raptors game can tell you that there is much more entertainment value than what we received this season including, giveaways, halftime entertainment, concessions, facilities, etc.

IMO The Cats have work to do to reach that standard if they feel tickets should be in line with true Major Sports.

if the ticats are raising ticket prices after THREE losing seasons, i wonder how much they would raise the prices after ONE winning season???

any salary increase next season SHOULD be covered by the Bigger TV contract the league has next season....so that is a non-issue.

i doubt the rent of IWS is going up, so thats a non-issue.

advertising?...what advertising do the cats do currently? banners?.. :roll:

there is no reason for a increase in prices....bottom line.

How can anyone compare CFL to NBA is beyond me of course prices are gonna be more exspensive in the NBA when you have salaries in the millions. The raptors are winning to and well the nba is after a major sports league the CFL is nowhere close. How can anyone justify a raise in tickets is beyond me

I will still go to all the games that I can. It seems that work gets in the way too often.