Raptors/NBA thread


Classic inferiority complex.

I'm not sure what Rogers is supposed to do for the Argos and the CFL ... they gave them a home to play in .

Is it Rogers fault that people don't think the stadium is good for football? NO
is it Rogers responsibility to advertise for the Argos and CFL? NO
Is it Rogers responsibility to air CFL games ? NO

Bell has the stake in the CFL that's their job to do you don't see McDonalds advertising the whopper do ya?

It's one thing to not follow a sport because it doesn't intrest you but wow some of the arguments are stupid
what excactly does Rogers owe the CFL?

We are going off topic but hey if you have been following Rogers they kicked the Argos out of SkyNet and tried to block the Argos entry into BMO . Maybe you are too far away to see from where you are sitting but Rogers own broadcasters talk about Rogers wanting the CFL to die .

As far as the Raptors are concerned I don't see them as CFL competition and I don't hate them for Rogers it's the Canadian team aspect like the Jays they are TORONTO's team not Canada's and not mine .

Canada's a big country and we resent those telling us we need to root for a Toronto team .

Exactly Hank, Raptor and Blue Jays are Toronto's team, has nothing to do with them as "Canada's team" because they are the only NBA and MLB teams. I grew up as a Tigers fan (never did have and still don't have a favourite NBA team but I guess if I had to choose I'd choose the Bucks because I liked their unies when Alcindor played way back) and will always stick with the Tigers as my MLB team. Just because the Jays came on board later doesn't change me remaining as a Tigers fan for my fav MLB team.

And yes Hank:

Canada's a big country and we resent those telling us we need to root for a Toronto team .
And some of those people that are trying to tell us that are the same ones saying why should they follow the CFL just because it's Canadian. Double standard for those sorts.

I know Rogers media has done little to help the CFL/Argos but do you have an example of their broadcaster talking about Rogers wanting the CFL to die? Also, how did Rogers try to block the Argos entry into BMO Field?

:thup: :thup:

I couldn't believe how the media here in the city is in the bag for the Craptors.
Flipping channels during the news, it was pathetic, way over the top and that was during the news portion.

E Captain I take it you don't follow the CFL ? That's okay all are welcome even outsiders .

I am sure you know about MLSE because they own the TFC squad that you watch . That is fine I don't dislike TFC I don't care for some of their fans who plaster the posters with this is our stadium . I am sure you know about Rogers being the one blocking the Argo reno and lease .

Prime Time Sports and Bob Mccown and have been honest and I repeat honest to the chagrin of their owner Rogers when it comes to their policies and they leak out way more than they should . I respect Bob because he does go against the grain but sometimes he states things or his colleagues without explanation . This is just one place to look if you want to hear any CFL - Rogers conflicts .

So E captain tell me why you love the CFL ? Just remember I went thru your posts before I answered you .

Thank you Hank, for the warm welcome. I've been an Argos season ticket holder since 2010 and a Ti-Cats season ticket holder since 2014.

I do know about MLSE. I don't care much for the anti-Argos/CFL sentiment from some TFC fans either and I've also grown tired of the anti-Leafs, anti-Blue Jays, anti-Raptors, anti-TFC, etc. sentiments from some Argos/CFL fans.

I don't know about Rogers being the one blocking the Argos reno and lease at BMO Field, that is your claim. As far as I know Rogers being part owner of MLSE didn't want MLSE to purchase the Argos, those are two different things. Once Bell/Tanenbaum purchased the Argos I'm not aware of any delay getting things going at BMO Field.

So, no example of your specific claim then. Like I said, I'm aware Rogers media has done little to help the Argos/CFL and some under Rogers employ have been anti-Argos/CFL.

Personally, I feel it's time to look forward not back. Bell/Tanenbaum are now in control of the Argos and it is now time for them to step up. They are on pretty much equal footing as Rogers.

Well Hank, back in 2009 a co-worker now friend of mine encouraged me to go to a couple Argos games. I knew very little about football but I had a good time. I figured the best way to learn is to watch so I decide to pick up a season ticket in 2010 and the rest is history. I've been to 4 Grey Cups, I've meet a lot of interesting people and made some great friendships along the way.

Back on topic, glad to see the Raptors win last night. On to Indianapolis for hopefully another two wins.

NO WAY !!! Toronto news media cheering and promoting a team ? Get out of here no other city does that pfft how could they :roll:

LOL. Good one dawg. All one has to do is flip to any American station we get on cable and you see the exact same sort of blanket coverage of their teams when in the playoffs. I've seen that when I used to get Buffalo stations. Heck they even moved their news anchor desks up to Toronto on game nights the one year when the Sabres played the Leafs in a playoff series. Their entire newscasts were done remotely from Toronto. I've flipped passed WGN in Chicago the odd time during Blackhawks playoff appearances and they would have numerous news reports from sports bars or from the United Center os some other Blackhawks related news story. Nothing different in Toronto.

As for the Raps - Derozan still struggled a bit - but the bench stepped up huge last night for the impressive win - where they pretty much led the entire game and always responded with a run any time the Pacers pulled to within 4 - 5 points.

Another overflow crowd of thousands in Maple Leaf Square and down Bremner Avenue last night watching the game on the big screen outside the ACC.

And I've got to laugh at people who claim to be upset that the Jays and Raptors get promoted and marketed as 'Canada's teams'. Of course they are going to be marketed that way. To not do so would be dumb, dumb, dumb. They are the only Canadian teams in the league they play in. The leagues they play in recognize 'their region' as Canada. So their teams local broadcast rights extend to the entire country. And they are owned by companies who are national media companies - who have bought them for live content for their media properties nationally.

Never mind the fact - it works! They are regarded by most basketball and baseball fans in the country as Canada's teams. And that is why the Raptors attract large crowds cheering for them when playing exhibition games in Montreal or Vancouver. And it is why the Jays do a national caravan each off season - and the team attracts huge numbers of fans from across Canada when they play in places like Seattle (from BC), or Minnesota (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) or from Atlantic Canada when they play in Boston or from Southwest Ontario when they play in Detroit.

Not that this is by any means scientific - but generally things like team's social media accounts are followed or liked primarily by their fans. Of those who follow the Raptors Twitter account across Canada only 51.22% are located in Ontario. So almost half the Raptors Twitter followers in Canada are located outside Ontario. That is an indication that they have fans across the country.

[url=https://interactive.twitter.com/nba_followers/#?mode=team&team=raptors]https://interactive.twitter.com/nba_fol ... am=raptors[/url]

There are similar maps based on Facebook likes for all the sports leagues and they show the Raptors dominating across almost all of Canada. The MLB social media maps also show the total dominance of the Jays over all other MLB teams across the entire country.

Without a doubt not to market these teams in this matter would be dumb, dumb, dumb.

Not that folks have to buy in.

But out on the left side of the country it is working.

For some CFL fans to disrespect or hate this effort is short sighted imo. It seems to me that the CFL has much to learn from these orgs. CFL has a difficult time marketing to their own neighborhoods and cities nevermind their provinces.

E captain it's funny how you mention being a ticket holder for not one but two teams but only mention your TFC
leanings before being challenged . You are either very rich ( 4 Grey Cups too wow ) or your in a relationship with someone who is dragging you to the games .

I will take your word but it's hard to believe you haven't read one article about the Rogers blocking the (sale) and in fighting at MLSE over the Argos . The CFL renos and lease happened after politicians made it clear that it was a CFL stadium as well as a TFC stadium. Leiweke made it very clear that the CFL had pull political wise in his statements ; confirming what the media was telling everyone . Google it . It's not difficult .

As I stated to you earlier that on Prime Time Sports that on that show I heard both Mccown and others saying Rogers has no interest in the CFL surviving . Unlike you I have been following this game as well as the other sports long before 2010 and even though people hate Bob here I still find he does not tow the line with Rogers and will allow for the criticism of his employer (Rogers) .

I think Travel P is one of only a few Sports Junkies on here that seriously involves himself in array of sports culture . When I say that he loves all pro sports and is genuine . He has my respect because he is authentic for his love of everything in local sports culture . I bring him up because if your an actual Ticket holder you should at least have interest in players , rules or something other than whether someone is being anti - whatever team .

So what? A sportscaster says this? You say? So?
The CFL is not entitled to universal support because Canadian is in their brand name imo.
What is it you want here?

Slant what the ? A Rogers employees says it but you are not receiving confirmation what you already know that Rogers is anti-CFL .

I was addressing E Cap’s post not you but if you want I can entertain you as well . I never said they were entitled anywhere to support I am saying the anti Rogers feeling from CFL fans is legit .

The title to the thread is Raptors and NBA that doesn’t mean you or E -Cap have to demand loyalty to the Raptors by other CFL fans on this site .

If they hate them live with it for whatever reason they choose .

Never did, just asked a few questions. Also, I don't appreciate your previous posts with loads of assumptions about me when you don't even know me. I'm not rich and no one is dragging me to anything. I'm an Argos fan and I have been to 4 Grey Cups. I have season tickets to the Argos, Ti-Cats, TFC, and Blue Jays, I enjoy all Toronto sports. In my opinion it's CFL fans like you that turn people off the CFL.

Ah...ok.. sorry Hank.
I personally do not think it is important if Rogers cares about the survivability of the CFL. I don't personally think Rogers give a tinkers damn about the CFL. Die or live. Makes NO difference to them.

But that doesn't mean I want the Jays or Raptors to fail.

But maybe beside the point.
Carry on...


Well Einstein if you have seasons tickets to 4 teams and all that time to go to all those Summer games you must be wealthy or full of crap . I told you I read your previous posts and I doubt your loyalty is to the CFL .

So enjoy your Raptors .

I like and follow all different leagues…except the NBA basketball is not my thing but that doesn’t mean i wish bad things for them…
Who cares that Rogers does not put in support for the CFL …

How many other leagues and sports does the CFL support and advertise for?

We don’t choose owners …