Raptors/NBA thread

With the NBA All-Star game about to land in Toronto - supposedly an $80 million dollar boost to TO's economy - the team that plays here in Southern Ontario is starting to get noticed for their recent success too.

Winners of 13 of their last 14 games and on pace to be the winningest team in Raptors history (and with the Leafs in complete sell-off mode to clear cap space for next year) the Raptors are THE story on the sports pages and other local media here in Southern Ontario. Them having top billing is only interrupted briefly for things like the Phaneuf trade or American League MVP Donaldson signing a 2 year extension with the Jays.

And now their exploits are being noticed south of the border too. This on the fun loving Raptors from Sports Illustrated. An article in which they even talk about the fan support they are getting on the road. At home they are selling out every game and are 4th in NBA attendance this season.

[url=http://www.si.com/nba/2016/02/10/toronto-raptors-kyle-lowry-demar-deroza-dwane-casey-all-star?xid=si_social]http://www.si.com/nba/2016/02/10/toront ... =si_social[/url]
The Raptors’ success in recent years ensures that they are greeted by their vocal fans at every road game, including in Portland, where one of the team’s television broadcasters was signing autographs before the game and Lowry’s sharpshooting drew loud cheers throughout the night.
Raptors are perhaps the NBA’s most obvious “buyers? entering the trade deadline season. An extra wing could help keep the minutes off of Lowry and DeRozan. An extra forward could provide a level of insurance in the event Carroll’s recovery drags on. An extra warm body could prove critical when it comes time for Casey to play the match-up game in the postseason.

Whether or not Ujiri fortifies his squad before the trade deadline, these Raptors are fiercer, wiser, steadier and better balanced than last year’s group. Don’t let Lowry’s wisecracking, or DeRozan’s videobombing, or Valanciunas’s microphone goofing or Biyombo’s chuckling fool you: The Raptors look like they mean business this time.

No wonder the Leafs had to make a blockbuster trade! They might soon become as popular as the Argos in Toronto! :o :smiley:

basketball... yawn.

200 points scored in a game is just as boring as soccer playing to 1-0 score

Yup, you get a hot shooter you just pass to him and not much the D can do except watch.

Raptors still have no talent up front, which was crystal clear tonight. Blew an eighteen point lead against the T-Wolves of all teams, and Valenciunas and Biyombo were absolutely eaten alive by Towns. Brutal shooting down the stretch and at the line was no help.

This team may have two players in the all-star game, but they're going nowhere in the playoffs with the forwards they have.

Watched the highlights this morning and Wiggins and the T-Wolves made an excellent comeback no doubt.

I'm assuming the Raps are trying to address the isssues up front before the trade deadline. Truthfully every other eastern team has some issues too and right now with only 4 losses all season long (48 wins - 4 losses) the Warriors look virtually unstoppable. The likely western final between them and San Antonio (45 - 8) should be something to see.

Raptors in second after the break. Hope they make a run. Also like Golden state because Curry is a strong Christian and family man.


The Raptors continue to firm up their position in the Eastern Conference - solidly in 2nd at 44 - 21. That is 5.5 games ahead of the 3rd place Celtics nd just 2.5 back of the Cavs. They are 4th overall in the entire NBA behind only the incredible Warriors (60 - 6 - yes only six losses!), the Spurs (a fantastic 56-10).

Assuming the Spurs make it to the Wetern Final against the Warriors - that should be some series!

The Raps are also 4th in home NBA attendance this season averaging 19,831 per game.

I couldn't help but notice this morning as I was waiting for a local Hamilton bus along King Street to head to work that one of the GO Transit busses heading in the direction of Toronto was flashing Go Raptors Go! on their front sign. I noticed the same thing last week when I was riding my bike home from work through the Mac campus and a couple of the GO Buses departing from there were also flashing Go Raptors Go! on their front sign.

Found that kind of strange with still a month of regular season play remaining.

The NBA is looking at adding small ads on team jerseys and MLSE is aiming for $4 - $5 million a season for little patches on Raptors jerseys. Whether they get that of course is up for debate.


Oh, the NBA will look "Bush League".........wait a minute.... :oops: ....they only say that when it comes to the CFL.

So after tonight's results it is confirmed the Raptors will be playing the Indianapolis Pacers in the first round of the playoffs this year.

Can they win a series for the first time since 2001 when they won a 5 game series against the Knicks - their ONLY series win in team history?

What an awesome - truly awesome late night (for me) last night of the regular season for the NBA.

Golden State setting a record with the most wins ever in an NBA season finishing an incredible 73 - 9. But the overwhelming highlight Kobe Bryant's farewell game - with his team feeding him the ball continuously was unreal. 60 points in his final game for Kobe! 60! Wow!

20 years with one team. You just don't see that very often in modern sport.

'Mamba Out'

And now it is on to the playoffs with every Raptors game on either Sportsnet or TSN. Here is the schedule (with American TV info from the NBA website) for the first four games in the series against the Pacers. Raps should win in 5 or 6 games. I hope I haven't just jinxed them with that.

Game 1 -- Sat. April 16, Indiana at Toronto, 12:30 p.m. , ESPN - Sportsnet
Game 2 -- Mon. April 18, Indiana at Toronto, 7 p.m., NBA TV - TSN
Game 3 -- Thu. April 21, Toronto at Indiana, 7:30 p.m., NBA TV - TSN
Game 4 -- Sat. April 23, Toronto at Indiana, 3 p.m., TNT - Sportsnet

Well - apparently some things never change. The Raptors - especially Derozan and Lowry looking awful - even from the free throw line! Game 1 to the Pacers 100 - 90.

And now the Raptors have lost the last seven playoff games they've played. (Last two games in 2014, four straight last season and Game One today).

I wonder what the record is for a team for a playoff losing streak - lol.

Following the Craptors is a waste of time, money and energy.

Hope they lose ASAP!!!

I'd like to see them at least win a series for their loyal fans. Sold out every game this season - and keep in mind the money those fans generated helped build the Argos a new home - since MLSE is paying almost the entire shot for the now something like $140 million dollar renovation of publicly owned BMO Field.

Yep. I certainly like to see them win and more than one series.

I never get this to be, what I consider juvenile, hatred of Jays, Raptors because of this perceived slight against the CFL by the ownership group. Like their failure will help the CFL and Argos. Like hating the kid in grade 2 because he has nicer sneakers. it's really striving to the lowest common denominator. The CFL and Argos have much to learn about success from these orgs.

I guess some people don't like these organizations, because they are partially owned by a company who has shown utter and total contempt towards the Argos and the CFL. So, I hope Craptors lose in 4 straight and the Jays finish in the bottom of the American League. So there!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: