Raptors NBA 2020 - 2021 Season

The Tampa/Toronto Raptors still expected to be a contender in the East according to this from ESPN. https://www.espn.com/basketball/story/_/id/30427736/2020-21-nba-preview-wins-standings-projected-all-30-nba-teams

NBC ranks them 7th in the league and 5th in the east

Yeah they are all over the place with different websites having them as low as 15th overall with most in the 7-12 range.

My guess would be 3rd or 4th in the East about 7th overall.

Canada basketball took a blow with the torn ACL last week of our best player Jamal Murray.

But tonight another indication of the depth being developed in the sport here in Canada. In the Raps win over OKC tonight the leading scorer for each team Canadian. Boucher with 31 for the Raps and Dort with 29 for OKC.Raps in 10th in the East right now which would qualify them for the 7-10 playing tournament.

7 will play 8 for one game. The winner of that 1 game gets thr #7 seed. The loser will host the winner of a 9 VS 10 game. And the winner of that game becomes the #8 seed for the playoffs.

Why isn't Lebron James Not suspended by the NBA .

Threats on a police officer.

Why is he allowed still on Twitter .

LeBron James deletes tweet targeting officer who shot Ma'Khia Bryant

The tweet in question featured a picture of Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon, who shot the 16-year-old Bryant while responding to a 911 call on Tuesday. The tweet read "YOU'RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY" and included an hourglass emoji:

Stupid tweet for which he should apologize because as video clearly shows the actions of the cop likely saved another life.

But in a week where FINALLY a police officer was found accountable for the death of an unarmed black man I would assume that is what the hour glass and ACCOUNTABILITY would refer to. Had the emoji meen a target then it would be more problematic.

Especially when you consider what Lebron tweeted after the guilty verdict. One word. 'ACCOUNTABILITY'

Thanks Pat . It was a terrible tweet . Placing the picture and YOU'RE next was horrendous .

He should apologize and receive a suspension that would be a nominal but effective way for the NBA to say we will not tolerate anyone even perceived threat especially when the man most likely saved a black womans life .

He probably doesn't care but it would be statement that he needs to walk back and like Ford realize he made an error and take responsibility .

They are using the word accountability instead of justice now .

I like that word better .

Frustration from Jericho Green with all his profanity says it better than I ever could .