Raptors 24 month long winning streak

Unreal the consistency of the Raptors over the last 3 years. Every month they have played games in since January 2017 they have a winning record for that month. 24 months and counting!!


That wont continue if I start betting on them :slight_smile:

Good start to the playoffs for the Raps.

  • sweeping the Nets in 4 straight,
  • Nick Nurse taking 90 of the 100 votes cast to with NBA Coach of the Year
  • their bench scoring 100 points in their 4th game win on Sunday. That is the first time EVER ANY NBA team has done that regular season or playoffs. (at least since 1970 when the league first started keeping track of that stat.

And Raps fans can't do Jurassic Park in this year of social distancing but now it is Jurassic Parking Lot? They've installed a giant screen at one end of the Ontario Place Parking Lot and that is now THE PLACE to watch Raptors games for their fans.

But now things get tough with their next round opponent the Boston Celtics who swept Philly 4 straight in their first round series.

Jurassic Parking Lot