I can take a loss, I've seen my share over the past 40 years but I must release after watching these last two losses. I wouldn't suggest throwing anyone under the bus just yet, but there better be some serious a** chewing going on.
Mr. Durrant should be led out to the field and be shown how where and why 5-8 yrd passing is critical and paramount. Year after year Durrant continues to move the ball with one throw. ( !@#$%%^) Is it not evident having a fast receiver like Dressler is conducive to short quick routes. then after talking some common sense into Durrant, have him throw 5-8 yard routes until he thinks his arm is going to fall off, then have him throw it with his left until it is clear he understands the concept...( he is backed with a team that can move the ball..use them efficiently)

He is hot he is cold, if there can not be any consistency achieved and proper game calling in the near future we better hunker down for a long season.

Mr. Hall I am not sure you can find anything looser in Regina at this point in time.( Hopefully he has not brought his epic failure from Edmonton back to Regina) Its time to figure it out and in a hurry, your defence cracks like no tomorrow, and the defensive calling is uptight and on the fringe of desperate.

Last weeks clock management was disastrous....collectively the coaching staff better up it in a hurry.
Losing is one thing, beating yourself two weeks in a row due to critical self inflicted mistakes is becoming intolerable!

Go green!!

The Riders have dominated 6.5 of 8 quarters in the past two games. They need to change defensive philosophy and become more aggressive in the 4th quarter.

Couldn't agree more, hence my WTF?!? post...


I am with you!
Man these have been so frustrating to watch.. I was at the game today and like COME ON! As soon as we get a lead our whole team goes stagnant! Its not just one aspect but all of them! Milo apparently can't hit easy field goals when we need them.. Our offense goes to strait drop back passing.. GET DURANT OUT OF THE EFFING POCKET!! JEEZE! best running QB in the league and we keep him in the pocket..
I don't know who's fault Durants constant Mid to Deep throwing is.. but whoever it is needs to be slapped! Go watch that game.. the 4th QT we got owned because Burris went to the short game! Its nearly impossible to stop! We have great receivers for this! Where are the screen passes to Dressler and Sheets! where are the 5 yard button hooks! It gets ridiculous as frustrating watching Durant drop strait back.. then wait in the pocket for too long then throw 15 yard passes! there are two downs! It is far easier to get a first down in two tries that just one!

Why do we stop blitzing in the 4th QT! Why do we go to a pure zone coverage scheme in the 4th qt.. AND WHY WAS THERE ALWAYS A RECEIVER OPEN! DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOUR DEFENSE IS GETTING BEAT! CHANGE SOMETHING! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.. There for I think Richie Hall is insane.. He keeps calling basically a prevent defense and it obviously isn't preventing anything! In the 4th qt they cut through our D like a hot knife through butter. Yea we held Shavon Walker pretty good with that D but they needed 3 TDs to beat us.. They weren't going to get it by running the ball.. so why were we not trying to pressure Burris! He is a great QB when he gets the time.. and we gave him all the time in the world to sit in the pocket and pick the open receiver every play..

The Riders are a good team it shows by the fact that we have been in every game until the last minute.. but it proves that there is something wrong when we give up two leads in the 4th quarter.. We should be 5-0 we played like we should for most of the the last two games..

So much for Chamblin injecting some aggression into the D.
Now would be the time for a very loud closed-door meeting with Hall. Whatever offensive issues we had today, this game was lost by the defensive play calling in the 4th.

Sheets is good. We should use him more. Draws, screens and options will buy DD more time on passing downs late in the game. High percentage throws will improve his confidence and numbers.

But I still say it was the D coaches who let the players down today.

MEOW !!!!

Coach chamberlin says " we were not perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect tonight"


I would say that offesnive play calling in the last moments of 4th quarter in the Calgary game were critical in the loss... Taylor fumbles the ball and all you have to do is give the ball to Sheets and then let Milo try for a FG... instead they went with an empty set, and Durant get sacked taking them out of FG range! If Milo makes the FG the score could have 38-32 Riders with Calgary needing a TD to win the game... you can't hang all the loss vs the Stumps totally on the D...

Indeed. lets not forget in the Hamilton game...2nd and 1.5 yards with a 1.5 minutes left...that is run time, not pass. Insulting to the o-line and sheets Sheets. You put you money into the o-line this year...that is where they earn it. Convert that, run 2 more plays and get even 5 yard on the ground and the kick is a 40 yarder or less, and there is at best 20 seconds left on the clock.

The D playing prevent late was ridiculous, but I agree. it is like a hockey team that plays dump for a period with a 2 goal lead...they deserve the loss.

Its not just the Defenses or the Offenses fault in these two losses.. our whole team lost the game. The Offense couldn't move the ball and went two and out how many times in both of the last 4th quarters and our defense went into prevent and got burned because of it. Had out offense been able to move the ball we could have won. and had our defense been able to stop the other team we could have won. But neither side did anything good. So we lost.

Well…they played respectably in the fourth yesterday. The moved the ball a bit, and put the ball in doable FG range…they still shouls have ran, not passed, but he had the leg to make that all game…he simply missed.

:thup: :thup:

You’re criticizing Durant?

I think Chamblin is doing a great job.

The defense is poor because Taman hasn't brought in good enough players. Did you see Nick Graham get burned 3 times on the same drag route? How long has Graham been a starter in this secondary? Taman has no clue that his secondary isn't very good. It's been an afterthought.

Everything was rosy the first 3 weeks because the first 2 opposing offenses mailed it in. Oh everything was solved. 10 sacks in the first 2 games, defense was fearsome. But look at the last 3 games. 2 sacks total in those games. Not enough pressure. Now the secondary is exposed for the big weakness it is. Eddie Russ being out is a big problem, but even with him in, he's the only guy they can really rely on man to man. In order for this defense to succeed, the front 4 MUST COMPLETELY DOMINATE every game. The d-line isn't bad, but that's a very tall order to ask.

There is nothing wrong with the coaching right now. There is nothing wrong with the play calls. And Darian is playing the best ball of his career. The knock on him is interceptions, well he's thrown 2 in 5 games. That's microscopic. He's all heart. He's a leader and he's playing like a warrior. Anybody who is criticizing the offense has their watermelon on too tight. Seriously, just stop it.

How many big name defensive backs changed hands this offseason? How many did Taman seriously go after? How many did he get?

Paul Woldu. I like Paul, but he is not the guy you want matched up on Geroy or Freddie Stamps.

Turrene and Russ are back this week I hear so hopefully that will help.

Chamblin and Hall are both D coaches. They should be able to figure out how to solve this. If they disagree, then it should be Chamblins call on the strategy. Hall in the paper said there were a few breakdowns and two plays he was bothered by. It was more then two bad plays that led to our lose in the 4th quarter.