On the front page of this website there is a poll that asks which team has the best defensive line.

First place is B.C, then SASKATCHEWAN! like WTH?
maybe rider fans should read the question and then vote, you just screw things up, it just make you guys look even dumber than you are ( i know it may not be you guys on this forum) but come on, they have the second least sacks in the league! Cam Wake has almost as much as them alone! I know you guys have done this on almost every poll that has ever been made but enough is enough!

Vote on the poll seriously or dont vote!

Honestly, Im more surprised that they arent number 1... :lol:

there is more to a defensive line than just sacks....
how about hurries?
how about having one of the best run-defenses in the league?
by your logic, the best secondary in the league would be the team with the most interceptions... even tho a better indicator would be least pass yards allowed per game...

having said that, i dont think the Riders have the second best Dline in the league this year (might be different if Chick was in the line up). They certainly arent the second worst though, as their sacks would indicate

One player doesn't make the whole D-line it's should be based on total team D . We all know Wake is playing unbeilvable right now but some others are having average to sub par seasons (banks) so maybe you need to look at the bigger picture.

If you want to talk about consistent play across the D-line, how about my Als? High sack count spread pretty evenly among all five guys (Bowman, Stewart, Claybrooks, Williams, and McElveen as the rotation guy). Can generate pressure with just a four-man front. Good speed and quick to the ball.

Let's not kid ourselves. The Lions easily have the best D-line in the league. But after that, I'd put my Als over anyone else.

Wait, there's an online poll that the Riders aren't winning? Fans out in Saskatchewan must be slacking off.

I dont even bother reading polls, they have no merit because most fans will vote for themselves

Ro I agree why even bother.

Heres the problem with your Rant. This is a question about over all team play defence. Not 1 particular player defence, not 1 particular aspect of the defence.
Cameron Wake may be a phenom, but hes only 1 person. Take him away from the equation, then what happens to the Lions stats?

BTW, not saying that the Riders have the best defence right now, just saying what is wrong with this Rant.

but the question wasn't which team has the "best total team D"... it was who has the best D-line.. and since Banks doesn't play on the D-line.. how good a season he has or doesn't have does not factor in on that question.

here's the problem with your response... the question was not about "overall team play defence"... it clearly said best D-line.... so yes it IS about 1 particular aspect of the defence... and ok.. take away Cam Wake from the equation and what do you get?... the top 2 players in sacks instead of top 3