Rant away, with our permission.

There is a bit of an unwritten rule around these forums that the first three days after a loss is a time to vent.

So for those of you attempting to defend the Ticats from all the criticism in the forums today - save your typing for later in the week. Today is kinda like an extended "fifth quarter" on CHML.

You are particularly authorized to vent this weekend, simply because we all expected so much more from the Ticats last night.

If I wasn't part of the organization I'd be here venting along with the rest of you. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

PS. However the site rules still apply - no personal attacks and no foul language. We are trying to serve Ticat fans of all ages and backgrounds here.

well then i will giv my suggestion:

start chang !

utilize holmes more!

put karikari at safety!

get a GOOD reciever that is capable of getting open and catching balls!

get a good o-lineman!


and success.....

or not

i think our defence is fine they just allow alot of points cuz there on the field for so long

Its just simply painful as a fan when you see a few guys really give it their all and then the rest just give a half-hearted effort.

The thing that wins more games vs. anything else is heart my friends and very few on this team showed it last night :frowning:

Nothing to rant about. The team is in full rebuild mode and anyone who knows football can see that. (regardless of the PR spin to sell tickets)

This team will stink. But it will slowly get better until a couple of seasons from now the same "whinny" fans will be happy with the winner you built for them.

Just don't expect any thanks from them when it happens. :slight_smile:

The Saskatchewan vs Calgary game on TSN right now, bob.

If can get it, wherever you are, it was a great first quarter.

Much like our games are going to be in the near future.

You ranters would benefit psychologically
from watching this game rather than
thinking up new things to rant about

All other fans would also benefit
if they watched this game instead of
reading the repetitive rantings other's.

And for those who justafiably rant beware of the "blind faithful."

[url=http://www.computerworld.com/managementtopics/management/project/story/0,10801,78274,00.html]http://www.computerworld.com/management ... 74,00.html[/url]

when people pay thier hard-earned money and get a lousy product, people will complain....DEAL WITH IT!!!

I don't rant.

I might be a master of subtlety, relatively speaking.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

I wish to see a -corn-on-the-cob- booth :wink:


Can’t wait until we get to the point where the first three days after a game are a time to celebrate on this forum , and not rant.

Better days ahead. Hang in there.


-Start Chang for the rest of the season and use Maas as a relief QB (like he was in Edmonton)

-Make Holmes an "every down" offence player (he should get lots of touches and never be on the sidelines when we have the ball) (***I can't believe Taafe hasn't done this already...have NO IDEA why Holmes, who is probably the best player on the Ticats, is continuously being left out of the offensive gameplan)

-Play Bauman and Getzalf more as receivers, not just special teams guys

-Keep cutting/bringing in import receivers until we have true playmakers and at least one "stretch the field deep" burner

-Move Karikari to safety and have him replaced at HB by Young or Bradley

-Give Taafe and Desjardins at least two seasons to fix what Marshall created

Get a more veteran CFL players. ESPECIALLY at the QB position! Regardless of talent, with few exceptions, players fresh from the US(be it from college ball or otherwise), they need a while to adjust the the Canadian style of play. Heck, it even took the great Doug Flutie a while to learn the nuances of 3-down ball.

Make a trade for QB with CFL experience.

I am resigned to the fact that it will take time to rebuild this team. The offense is so inept, that, at the moment, I'm not sure they will ever come out of their funk.

I wouldn't dream of telling Coach Taaffe what to do about this situation since I'm sure he already has a plan.

The greatest problem I see with the offense is a lack of confidence, and personally, (my humble opinion, only) I think it stems from the ineptness at the #1 quarterback position combined with the fact that the players are aware of Jason Maas' injuries.

We have heard many times on this site that our offensive play book is very complicated and tough to work with. I assume from that that it takes new personnel a longer than normal time to absorb it's contents. I have to wonder WHY use a playbook like that with 23 new players on the team? I would also assume that initially, the playbook has been condensed to a few series of plays that are relatively simple to work with.

I think our most glaring ineptness is the offensive line. Once again, I don't pretend to know more than coach Taaffe, but it seems to me that this is his major area of concern.

I remain a steadfast fan, no matter what and I look for better things to come.

what Marshall created???

A false assumption, yet to be proven.

Not much left to rant about Bob. The onfield product continues to be the worst in the league by a country mile. Things are tame on this site considering the trashing we took. The reason is obvious. A lot of people have resigned themselves to the fact that our football operation is once again the laughing stock of the entire league. I was planning my annual trip to Hamilton to catch a game. No way I'm wasting my money. Come July 10th you may (or may not) have the coolest web site around, but that doesn't win games...

Easy rant, I'm sick of losing. I totally got caught up in all the hype that the home opener brought and forgot that our team is rebuilding and had no chance of winning.

Now I know what to expect and will be in complete shock when they actually score a touchdown and hope its not a fluke (or get called back by a flag or dropped by a cement handed received -insert any name here-).

Only thing I wasn't disappointed with was the pre-game. Amazing new opening, I wanted to jump through a wall after it. The planes were breathtaking.

Too bad the only feeling I have after is how we lost another one.

This can't go on forever, can it????????????

Hey Bob,

I love the season theme of "Hammer Time" and all the associated marketing.

I just have one suggestion for the stadium announcer and video board operator. As a football fan, it might be better to play the "Hammer time" defense sound effects during 2nd down plays instead of on 1st down.

I think most fans would agree, being loud for the defense when they are trying to stop a team from converting a 2nd and long is a lot more effective they trying to get everyone pumped up right after a team makes a 1st down.

Just a small tip for the stadium operations staff!

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

"Hammer time" = Official 2007 Ticats theme
"Rome wasn't built in a day!" = my unofficial 2007 Ticats theme

You know, Maas coming off the bench might work just fine and he might be comfortable with this role also. Sure, he’s getting the big money but we aren’t exactly talking $55 mill AJ Burnett type of money here for crying out loud. And then Jason will take backup money from whomever when his contract is up. He might be more comfortable in that role during his CFL career anyways. Assistant coahces sometimes stay as assistant coahces even with head coaching vacancies, why not for a qb?