Rant about the BC Lions Football club and BC Place Security

To make a long story short:

I purchased 12 tickets for the last game of the reg. season vs. the Bombers. It was a birthday present for my dad because he is a huge bombers fan. Well we got to the game and there was a group of 6 young males sitting behind us and because 3 people in our group were wearing Bomber jerseys they decided to heckle us to the most extreme. They were not even true BC fans. They didn't know who was scoring the touchdowns, players’ names, etc. (I know more about the Lions than they do and I like the Riders and the Bombers!!). Anyway these guys were trying to pick a fight with the male members in our group the whole game and in the third quarter I had enough and went and got security (twice). They did nothing!!! They came up and asked the guys if they were behaving themselves and left it at that. After that the heckling got way worse and at the beginning of the third they tried to fight my husband (6 on 1 the pussys). After that security finally kicked them out of the game (I guess my 2 complaints to them that something like this would happen was not enough). The head security guy around our section came up to me after all of this and said "Sorry I didn't believe you; we should have done something sooner". I missed the second half of the game, trying to get security to do something and then the near beating of my husband. I paid over 700 bucks organizing this and everyone in the group missed the 4 quarter and I missed half the game. I contacted a few people in the club and they did nothing. No apologies, no replacement tickets for a game next season, nothing.

Unlike these bandwagon jumpers that have ruined my respect of the Lions football club, I am a true fan. I go to games. I go the Labour Day game in Regina; I have gone to games in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. Nothing has ever got this bad (heckling wise). Even the Labour Day game in Regina when the Riders play the Bombers, I have never seen such lack of personal safety like I saw that game in BC. They tried telling me that it’s a long way home to Winnipeg….. I don’t live in Winnipeg, I live in BC. I go to at least 3 games a season (I live 5 hours away). I could go see games in Calgary for the same amount of driving time but I don’t, I have tried to support this province, and guess what they don’t care. I have heard of other complaints from Riders fans getting kicked out for far less intense things (with no warning and a written up fine on top). They don’t want other teams fans at the games!!

The BC Lions club better start realizing how important prairie fans going to the games are. There is always tons of green in the crowd when they play the Riders for example. And I heard on the radio that they ended up selling around 10,000 extra tickets when the Riders beat the Stamps in the semi-final. We come to watch the other teams but I for one am going to go to Calgary next year for my games and forget about supporting BC. If they can not listen to my concerns and worse do nothing about them then there is really no point to give them my money. :thdn: :thdn:

every place has drunken fools

dude what this guy just said if u even read it said that the security people did nothing to the guys until they threaten to kick the shit out of the guy like thats below, than below and even if they were drunk even more reason to kick them out the 1st time

To bad the peaple sitting in the area around KeyBee..
Didn't answer the call...six is a small number, in a big crowd.

The whole thing is really sad....
Spend big bucks and a group of jokers, screw up a good time..

Yup I've seen the good, the bad, and the Ugly. I think you got in a section with Bad or Ugly.

Write the Lions organization. I did a few years ago over a similar issue.