Rankings/ratings thru week 10

Home field advantage has drifted back into the negative numbers. In other words, it's better to be the away team.

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…so the stamps beat the riders twice in a row (once in their own barn) and they’re ranked below the ders….try again…

Every time I see these I end up scratching my head.

It's round-robin.

If the 4th place team beats the #1 team but loses to the other teams, ....

You're confusing a ranking (round-robin standings) with a rating (latest predictor).

Tough to rank a team with a losing record as 3rd best in the league.

Let’s be honest - - if Regina plays Calgary in the playoffs, the Riders will be the heavy favourite. And rightly so, because they got much more overall talent.

Im gonna go with, Yup.

But Toronto should be #2, BC #3
Sask #4, Calg #5..... Montreal #6
Hamilton #7...Ottawa #8....... Edm #9

Calgary needs to prove the can beat someone else.

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Talent is second most important aspect in rivalries.
Rage is #1

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Guts is equally important....fewer penalties.

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Of all the Western teams, Calgary gave us the most trouble this season. On our last game of the regular season we'll face them again and they'll beat us 'cause we'll be resting our starters.

Honestly I'm hoping that Calgary loses in the semi final so we can breeze past either Saskatchewan or BC on our way to the Cup. :smiley:

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…this is true

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I'm a follower of Al Davis (Raiders).

The more objectionable conduct/late hit penalties on your team, the better. That's how you win.