Rankings/ratings after week 9

Home field means nothing in the CFL. Teams should concentrate on getting the bye. After that, don't worry about it because it's virtually not much.

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There's nothing secret about the procedure for making the above Zermelo round-robin standings.

The CFL could conceivably still have the nearest teams playing each other in the regular season to save on travel costs and rivalries but have a standings list as if all nine teams played each other the same number of times.

Something to think about. You'd have to wrap your brain around the idea of getting rid of straight wins/losses standings and replace it with this other math routine.

In exchange you basically have a one group standings list instead of the current two. From the Zermelo list you pick the top six for the playoffs.

Interesting concept, but diehard CFL fans wouldn’t go for it. The eastern and western semis and finals are too steeped in tradition....crossovers notwithstanding. Zermelo sounds made up. Like Todd Gack.

You lost me on home field advantage means nothing in the cfl......

Normally home field advantage is approximately 3 points for the home team. Lately home field has been a negative number. In other words, the visiting team has the advantage.

Right now, the home team has a 0.092 instead of the expected 3.000 point advantage. That's why home field advantage means nothing. Virtually every game is a neutral site game statistically.

Bombers are 15-1 in the past 2 seasons at home. I think any WPG fan wants to host the WF, and any Sask/Stamp/Edm/BC fan hopes they don't have to come here. Home field means something to this club I can assure you.

Somewhat amusing...I do think you’re getting mired in statistical quicksand however. Even a team with a better road record would rather play at home...especially in the playoffs. The best teams EARN that priveledge.
Not to mention the financial windfalls that both the team (and city) reap from being better than the others.

The better team kicks butt on the road too. There's no correlation to say the home team has an edge.

When was the last time fan noise disrupted the QB's cadence?

That is not the point at all. It’s like saying a student with better grades has to go to a crappier university than the dumber one, but it’s ok ‘Cause they’ll pass their courses anyway despite the alien invasion taking place. But it’s ok, that won’t affect their grades.
The best teams deserve and want home playoff games. No airplanes or airports,
adoring fans, familiar locker rooms, a short drive home, and on and on....
I doubt any player would prefer the opposite. Why shouldnt the top teams get that reward?

It doesn't show on the scoreboard. The home team isn't winning by significantly more points like they normally do. It's not just me, check out Ken Massey's ratings: at most the home field is worth just slightly over 1 point while the majority (5 teams) get just under 1 point more than expected.

Maybe the players are happier away from their wives/kids and it's a vacation for them? Maybe family life is hell in Canada? Maybe the home team players are expected to prep the field in the CFL and it sucks? Maybe sleeping in a good hotel without the kids/wife bothering them?

Lotsa maybes. It’s a moot point anyhow. Nobody’s getting punished for winning the most games. Despite the stats.

The crossover rewards a lesser team. #4 west plays in the east instead of the #3 team.

Good point. I think it’s played in the east because its an eastern playoff game.
But you are right on that one.

That's the way it's always happened as far as I know but theoretically 4th in the East could crossover if they had a better record than 3rd in the West.